Two Stories of Little Girl Lost

On a warm June day in Paris, in a little park adjacent to the Musée de L’Orangerie, I started to cry. There was a little girl nearby, with dark curly hair and white shoes, and a pale pink hat with a wide brim. Her parents sat on a bench watching her as she toddled away into the grass, looking back at them every few moments to make sure they were still there. She was a stark reminder of the little girl I never had a chance to raise, whose chaotic flutters inside my 13-year-old belly were the beginning and end of our communication....more
Beautifully written and so sad. Thank you for sharing.more

Blinded because she wanted an education: Rally for Rumana Manzur

Hundreds gathered outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, slowly but surely people came streaming from every side of the square, looking around at each other, looking towards the steps, knowing their purpose was to Stop Violence Against Women. What sparked this solidarity was Rumana Manzur who was blinded days ago by her husband, her nose partially ripped from her face as he bit her, a vicious attack…Why?….because she is a woman who had the audacity to pursue her education....more

SlutWalk Dallas

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the furor that's been raised by a Toronto police officer when he suggested that women can avoid being raped ...more

Women human rights defenders at risk

How cynical is it, that an activist who led protests against the unsolved killings of hundreds of women, gets murdered herself? Susana Chávez was recently found dead in Ciudad Juarez, a border city in the north of Mexico. She is the second women's rights activist killed in less than a month....more

MAC Makeup Romanticizing Mexican Women's Oppression Ends New Line

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Women Stay

Women stay.  Not all women, of course, there are some who break away, who take off despite the risks, who take the first step in liberating themselves from a violent situation and bettering their lives.  But the fact remains that too many (even one is too many, but we're talking thousands, millions, of women) stay in abusive relationships.Many see no alternative, or the alternative they do see seems even worse than where they are.  Those who have children are in an even more precarious position.  They fear for their children's wellbeing, both while they remain in...more

The Colosseum Lights Up - Against violence to women

I interrupt my regular monthly report - Tante Belle Cose - to bring you Una Grande Bella Cosa:  November 25th marks the Int'l Day of Violence against Women, and on that day, Rome announced that the world's most loved symbol (well, not counting the WWF Panda) would serve as a torchlight for women the world over.  And, in a case of the wheels of democracy - or in Italy's case, bureaucracy - burning rubber, this initiative took root in only a fortn...more

Afghan Women's Writing Project: Be Thankful for Your Freedom

During my university years, I went for one academic year to the U.S. on a fellowship program. There, I felt how educational life is wonderful, how much freedom is worth and how my life was wasted. I was in the U.S. when Mom called me and begged me to return to Afghanistan. My cousin was putting pressure on my family, and my dad and brothers had beaten my mother. I returned because I felt devoted to my mom. ...more

It is devastating to read this. What can we do to help? There must be a way for women who want ...more

Why I'm Not Sad My Daughter Punched a Little Boy in the Privates

I looked at the now-pale face of the young lady in charge as I ripped up the report. "I'm not signing this, and unless you want me to start a stink about why you let my daughter be the recipient of sexual harassment on your premises, you will not only write up that boy but you will make sure that his family understands that if it ever happens again and he is allowed back here, I will report you." ...more
Good for your daughter!  Girls  should be taught to defend themselves this way, from a young ...more

Poetry Has Power

The poem being discussed is available here.  ...more