December 8 - Violence Unsilenced

On December 1, I had seen Stacy Morrison’s post titled: “Saving A Woman’s Life With Your Words” and said I was going to post on December 8.  December 8 was It’s Time to Talk Day, 2011.  The discussion was and is about relationships abuse, domestic violence, and emotional abuse.  The point being is that the stats are horrendous (see below for stats shared on the Violence Unsilenced Website) and the day was dedicated to those who have a story they want to share.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSTATS:  ...more
The statistics for young girls are frightening. So much of this goes unreported. Thank you for ...more

Violence UnSilenced - Maggie Dammit Talks about Domestic Violence and How We Can Help

Today is the last day of October and of Domestic Violence Awareness month. Obviously in what I would believe to be a better world such an observance would be completely unnecessary....more