Know It. Name It. Stop It. Stalking Awareness Month Part II

Friend or Foe Through the years, I've had a few friends who stepped crossed the line of being friendly and became overbearing; who showed up at my door uninvited at inconvenient times; who was angry with me for not answering my phone when she called, repeatedly; who sometimes drove to my home to tell me she had been calling and I was not answering; who was jealous of the time I spent with DH (who was then Dear Boyfriend); who gave me expensive gifts; and the list goes on. These things made me nervous at times; angry at times; and left me feeling stuck in the "friendship." ...more
It's a sign of the stalkers frustration and lust for controlling his victim. I wish I had the ...more

Out from Under: Sex Workers United for Rights and Respect

Liz van Omme - Mama Cash Out from Under Sex Workers United for Rights and Respect   How much do you know about sex workers and their decades-long fight for their human rights?  ...more

The Quest for Peace on Earth: Domestic Violence & the Holidays

Missing Boys I recently read a heart wrenching story about three young brothers from Michigan who are now missing after a court-ordered visit with ...more

Dawn Schiller: “Through and Beyond Wonderland," E.S.T.E.A.M.

There is pleasure getting to know Dawn Schiller before and after her book, “The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes” was written and released.  What many don’t know is that this book, with all the details of a horrifically violent relationship, was over 6 years in the making.  Why did it take so long, you may ask?  Think about writing details of your own wo...more

How horrific, her story and I cannot wait to pic up the book soon. You are right on when you say ...more

Blood, Guts and Rock & Roll: We're Up in Arms About Bratz, But We Ignore Killstreaks in Black Ops

We get so bent out of shape about kids seeing sex acts or sexy Katy Perry on Sesame Street. I don't want my daughter watching Miley Cyrus writhe in satin sheets, either, but Katy Perry's cleavage doesn't freak me out half as much as watching the neighborhood kids bludgeon each other on Halloween. Seriously, why are we so tolerant of violence? Opponents say there aren't any studies proving definitively that watching violent video games harms your child (the American Psychological Association, who in my opinion doesn't have skin in the game, begs to differ) -- but, um, do there really have to be? Doesn't your gut work just fine? How do you feel after you watch someone get shot on the nightly news? After watching the opening sequence of Bambi? ...more

I'm sorry but I think that is the stupidest knock on Bratz I've ever ...more

What Age Is The Right Age To Talk With My Daughter About Rape?

My fourteen-year-old daughter is upstairs in her bedroom listening to Shakira on her iPod and studying for a french mid-term. Me? I am downstairs watching a horrific rape scene on a television show called Private Practice and remembering the stories I have heard from family, from friends, from strangers, and wondering, when do I tell her it isn’t all peaches and cream? ...more
@Quad_C Hyper sexuality is a response behavior. Looking for answers kind of behavior. My ...more

Is Watching Football Wrong?

Football is a dangerous game. There is no avoiding that fact. Knocking people down is part of every single play. Critics think that people should just stop playing football - that it is too dangerous. Concussions can cause brain damage, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and depression. Spinal injuries can cause paralysis. These same critics are opposed to boxing. ...more

I just started watching football again last year only because my 10 year old daughter started ...more

Shocking Violence: MoveOn Activist Thrown to the Ground, Head-Stomped at Rand Paul Event

"Offended and outraged." That was the reaction of MoveOn’s Ilyse Hogue to Rand Paul campaign worker Tim Profitt -- who suggested that Lauren Valle should apologize for being thrown to the ground and having her head stomped by his fellow supporters. ...more

drop the "call to arms" frame. And they need to denounce those who would blame the victim.more

Russian Lessons: the Dacha

For years, I have wanted my very own dacha. Maybe there’s something about dying empires that stirs longing. In September of 1991, I boarded a train to Moscow for a semester of study abroad, during what was to be the Soviet Union’s final autumn....more