Are You Going To Let Your Kids Watch The New Harry Potter Movie?

It seems that everywhere you turn there's talk about the opening of the latest Harry Potter movie. The wait has not been without its drama, with Ruper Glint (who plays Ron Weasley) catching the swine flu during filming and Jamie Waylett (who plays Draco Malfoy's crony Vincent Crabbe) getting arrested for possession and production of marijuana. ...more

I disagree completely. In a world where television, video games and the web are such a prominent ...more

Physical Violence is Learned Behavior

The recent altercation involving Rihanna and Chris Brown has once again moved the issue of physical abuse to the forefront of public debate. However, the recent altercation—which was years in the making—began with parents who either consciously or subconsciously taught their children that physical violence is a viable expression of anger and frustration and/or an acceptable way to resolve conflicts. These messages are often taught when parents use physical punishment such as spanking to discipline their children. ...more

Thistle Farms gives women survivors hope and independence

This is Women's History Month and the history of women has always included violence against women and the destruction it brings. Women have had to learn to suvive, and learn, we have. There is an organization that has my deepest respect for the work they do in creating a climate of survival, independence, hope and respect for women. ...more

Thinking About Violence Against Women and Men

It is time for an edutainment type quiz. I’m going to show you a 41 second clip from a movie called The Public Enemy. In this scene, James Cagney and Mae Clarke are at the breakfast table.  It starts with a question. ...more

All hands on deck, there is much work to do. As the pass few weeks have shown there is still a ...more

Seeds of Peace

-Mary Dixie Carter, ...more

What Have we Become?

The eyes of the innocent harbor violenceOur children, our beautiful giftshow are they expected to make sense?We feed them destruction and chaosSending them out, expecting them to be productiveHow can we set our standards so high?Putting so little work into itThis is the motto for all of these parentsDo as I say, not as I doWe are no more than hypocrites,We are no more than cowards.Giving in and throwing away our rightsLetting others take care of what we should beOnly to be careless, only to be free ...more

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers aka IDTEVASW

I know, it's a mouthful isn't it? I wish the lack of a catchy name was the reason why more people don't know about International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers but I don't think the name is the problem. I wish more people who know about IDTEVASW blogged it but I don't think a catchy name or pretty ribbon would help with that either. ...more

Thanks for posting about December 17th. It's not just that we need non-sex workers to speak up ...more

A man beats a 16-year-old girl over who was 1st in line

What kind of man would beat a 16-year-old girl, just to get ahead in a fast food line? ...more

Reflections on Mama Saartjie, The Saartjie Project Performance, and My Womanline

Reflections on Mama Saartjie, The Saartjie Project Performance, and My Womanline by Ananda Leeke Copyright 2008 by Madelyn C. Leeke. Excerpt from That Which Awakens Me: A Woman's Poetic Memoir (IUniverse, Inc. - December 2008) ...more

“School district to let teachers bring guns.”

Yeah, you read right. In the Daily Briefing Column on the inside front cover of the Boston Globe yesterday (8/16) this chilling headline was the lead:  (Texas) “School district to let teachers bring guns.” ...more