Honor. Really?

I will admit it: I occasionally read the gossip column, and I peruse gossip magazines at the supermarket and any waiting room that I am, well, waiting in. If it’s about people’s lives, then I’m interested. ...more

You have to wonder if the doors stay closed because no one is listening when they are opened. ...more

Energy Drinks Encourage Young People To Party Like A Rockstar (But Not Everyone Has Ozzy Osbourne's Constitution)

A new study has linked the consumption of energy drinks to risky and aggressive "toxic jock" behavior amongst young adults. ...more

Lone Travel in Latin America, or, How I Beat My Fears to a Pulp

I do so love adventure - it's the best thing that's ever happened to me - and, after reading ...more

Are Video Games Becoming Too Violent?

Today the video game Grand Theft Auto IV featuring Niko Bellic who commits wanton acts of violence is on sale. People are lining up to buy it for $59.99 or mugging shoppers just to get a copy--see the end this post for details. The new game is expected to be one of the biggest sellers in gaming history. This is not news I want to hear. ...more

YouTube and Videotaped Violence

Should YouTube and other online video sites be held more accountable for the increase in fights being posted on their sites? After that horrible incident in Florida a few weeks ago of several girls luring another girl to a house so they could beat her up, videotape the incident and then post it on YouTube, there have been many discussions about whether YouTube bears any responsibility for monitoring what's posted on their site more closely. ...more

Hi Nikoli,

I'm not blaming YouTube for stupid girls getting into fights and posting the ...more

The Key To Preventing Rape: Our Sons

Do you ever notice that when you talk about rape or abuse or sexual assault, people come out in droves to tell you that they’ve been through something similar? And no one is surprised. And why should they be? We’ve all heard the statistics. 1 in 6 women (and 1 in 33 men) will be sexually assaulted. 60% are not reported to the police. Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. Approximately 73% of rape victims know their assailants. ...more

I am so glad that someone has the dare I say, "balls" to blog about this. more

What is Happening to our Kids? Increasing Violence Among Young Women

Disclaimer: I don't have children. And quite frankly, after the past year of watching various news reports about increasing violence among kids, I am unsure whether I will ever have them. Don't get me wrong - I don't think that all kids are evil - actually, I don't blame the kids. I blame the parents. As a self-absorbed metalhead black militant who loves to partaay, I sometimes wonder if I have the goods to bring a child into this miserable world. ...more

In pop music, video games, movies and television programs. I think we forget that a lot of ...more

Training 21st Century Spartans in Missouri

Beware of parents who watch too many movies like "300" because they may come away with ideas. Ideas like training children as young as 6 yrs. old to be ultimate fighters. ...more

Censorship: Kids, Hip Hop, Video Game Violence

One of the most interesting discussions on WomenCo lately has been about media censorship. JeepGirl89 started things off: I was just listening to The Rhyme on XM and they were having what they call a Town Hall Meeting where they talk about hip hop news and controversy. Today they brought up the subject of censorship. Artists like Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, and Nas are being asked to clean up their act and stop referencing sex, violence, and drugs in their music. ...more

Kenya: What Can One Person Do?

According to a recent AP report, 300,000 people in Kenya were forced to leave their homes, and over 800 people were killed during this past month's post-election violence. ...more

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