Musical abilities at a young age

This morning, I heard distressing news that left me worried, concerned, frustrated, and not wanting to eat even though I was hungry (my body's typical reaction to stress). Instead of allowing distress to ravage me and challenge my well-being, I tried to refocus attention to the positive stuff in my life, and much came to mind, including but not limited to: blogging, being surrounded by friends (and family), playing music, taking photographs, having four wonderful children, carrying no school loan debt (especially considering just how long I have been in school), the list goes on....more

Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Oh, I’m excited to write this one.  I’m excited about this post.  WordPress feeds me prompts, and this one — this one I can write about.Music.  Sweet, sweet music.Whenever people ask me what I’m into, I have to throw music in, because I can’t picture life without it.I play it, I sing it, I listen to it often....more

Musical Interlude

(originally posted @ My Really, Real Reality) There is something very joyful about sitting in a tiny, uncomfortable school auditorium and watching young people learning to play and developing an appreciation for music.  I am not personally musically inclined.  I don't play any instrument.  I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy music.  I do.  A lot.  I enjoy listening to music.  I also enjoy singing along.  ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Yes... forever.  Someday I'll show it to the grandbaby and tell him :  "all ...more

How the Violin Touched Multiple Generations in My Family

Although my parents never played musical instruments, I grew up learning the piano and then played flute and clarinet in bands in orchestras through school. Music was an important part of my life and I had always hoped that my children would also find joy in learning to play an instrument. When I was thirteen, I took violin lessons along with my piano studies. For whatever reason, I disliked the violin because I had already mastered two instruments and didn’t have the gratification of instantly being able to master a third....more
I always like the sound of violin. I may give it a try and probably convince my fourteen year ...more

The Case of the Missing Violin

Original post on xoxoxo eI was faced with yet another parenting dilemma in the seemingly endless choices and value judgements I make every day. Life is full of decisions, whether you have a child or not, but for me the stakes are always higher when the issue at hand concerns the kid....more
 @victorias_view I agree. The school supplies the violin, which I'm grateful for,  so we can see ...more

Blogging the "Breeze"

Very often I find myself calling friends and acquaintances just to say hi or shoot the breeze.  Today, I am going to try something new.  Sort of like a newsletter that you get at the holidays, but not as cliche’.  I am going to blog my “breeze”. Here’s what’s new and exciting.  Summer is here and I need to keep my child who is on summer vacation busy, while still working and growing other entrepreneurial endeavors, and sticking to my summer budget.  It’s not as easy as it sounds....more

Boy vs Bass - Boy Wins!

Wait! That's not a bass! Find out what happened: ...more

I Want

I want to be inspiring I want a Pop-Tart I want to have long hair I want a SUV with third row seating I want for people to like me I want to shoot a semi-automatic weapon I want some pain killers for this headache I want to be a better person I want laser hair removal I want to be a genius I want my daughter to be happy and feel loved I want to create I want to take a nap I want my boobs to be one size bigger I want to be productive I want to go to Spain I want my dog to stop itching all the time I want my baby to have all the coolest baby stuff I want to play the violin ...more