VIRAL Gets Under the Skin

Coming to DVD from Radius TWC, Dimension Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment along with directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman is the tale of insanity that goes VIRAL. Emma (Sofia Black D'Elia) and Stacey (Analeigh Tipton) are sisters living in the suburb going about their teenage life. That is until a mysterious virus begins to spread with no warning through the town. This isn't just any virus; this virus is a parasite that controls its host creating a flesh eating creature. ...more

Why I Hate Click Bait Culture

We've all noticed how the internet has taken a really weird turn in the last couple years. It's starting to treat us all like we've been held back a few years in school and that we need more pictures and smaller words to understand what's going on around us. It's just filled with viral websites consisting of stupid list articles and click bait titles. I have fallen prey to these sites from time to time, and you probably have to. But let's just take a minute to think about how terrible these sites really are. What ever happened to real content?...more

Muppets Go Viral: What We Can Learn from Their Social Media Campaign

Everyone wants a post, idea, art, or product to go viral, though there's obviously no true-and-tried formula... right? I mean, yes, create something fantastic that touches people's hearts is a good place to start, but even that doesn't ensure that the world will wake up and notice. Which is why people are studying how to create viral moments, such as the very successful media campaign for the new Muppet movie. ...more
Interesting. I hadn't noticed the campaign so much before this article, but I'm going to go ...more

Viral Meme: We’re a Culture, Not a Costume

Racist Halloween costumes are nothing new, and neither are the pleas to stop them. But never underestimate the power of the Internet. This week a series of posters with the tagline “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” has gone viral. The images, featuring a Middle Eastern man, an Asian woman, a Black woman, and a Latino man each holding a photo of a derogatory ethnic costume, were created by a group of ten college students at Ohio University....more
There is never a time that it is necessary to blacken up your face. For years, black children ...more

UCLA Woman's Racist Video Rant Goes Viral

When I started seeing tweets and Facebook updates mentioning a “Ching Chong” YouTube video, my first thought was, Oh no, not Rush Limbaugh again! Even more disappointing, this time the remarks are being made by a young woman at one of California’s top universities —- UCLA student Alexandra Wallace. I really debated about whether I should write about this or not, as I don’t want to give these racist antics any more publicity. But, the Internet ethics it brings up are just too important to ignore. ...more
With luck, she'll never find one and this video will haunt her to an early grave. @HomeRearedChefmore

Why Chain Letters Are So Bad

Why Chain Letters are So BadYou start your email program, go to your favourite web communities and social networks. There, you are bombarded with messages from strangers, internet newbies and friends alike. You may even get notifications that friends have tagged you on their blog or social network or have posted something to your Facebook wall etc.Some of these are normally very sensible people, and some friends are people you rarely hear from, so it's exciting to know they were thinking of you and decided to get in touch again, right?Think again!...more

Suburban gangsta Nick Carter fights ‘Face of Meth’ Aaron Carter

Nick Carter throws a bitch fit after brother Aaron disturbed his rest by dancing and playing music loudly in an episode of the canceled Carter family reality series House of Carters. MTV’s Clutch blog did a round up of the 7 Totally Ridiculous Reality TV Cat Fights and listed the brotherly blowout among a haul of other hot mess moments in reality tv....more

New Twitter Tools to Benefit Advertisers and Users

A few exciting new tools have blasted onto the web that are being used to advance the Twitter market and attract advertisers and users toward new markets. Even Google has entered the Twitter universe and further support the view that Twitter is a marketing tool that is here to stay....more