Let Go Of Your Viral Marketing Dreams

  There’s a lot to be said for the ability to predict trends based on cognitive algorithms. But you know what? This tactic is reactive.We focus so much on redirecting consumer attention based on what’s come before and fail miserably at shaping trends and directing consumer attention ever forward.And it’s a trend that needs to change.Here’s why. And how. ...more

Circling the Wagons: How to Tie in Social Media with Your Online Marketing!

Everything is going social! Social engagement has become the pinnacle of online marketing. You have heard it all! But, are you prepared for the onslaught of viral messaging? Many websites have the concepts, have the notion but the wagons aren’t circled.In this article I am going to tell you how to optimize your online properties to get the most out of your social media efforts. ...more

Growth Hacking – The “BuzzWord” in the Marketing World

Competition has managed to find its way in almost every sector in the marketing world. Whether you talk about the automobile industry or any other business sector, experts believe that healthy competition helps build and keeps pricing at bay. This is one of the prime reasons behind the continuous need for companies to improve their marketing strategies and enhance their annual sales. This growing demand has given rise to an all-new term: Growth Hacking....more

Dollar Shave Club: How to Launch a Startup with Creativity, Style, and Humor

I absolutely love hearing about startups, businesses, and work that people do that comes from them owning who they are and doing it with a sense of style and humor. Today my husband shared a new advertising video that one of our best friends sent him that was released this past Tuesday by a startup called Dollar Shave Club.   ...more
Humor is so important! Searching for examples of humor in social media and found this post, very ...more

Turning a Viral Campaign Nightmare into a Win-Win Situation

We all want our campaigns to go "viral" But what do we do when this happens? Bob Speyer from the Web Success Team offers a few take-aways that will make you look like a star.As poet Robert Frost once penned, “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry”. This truism is as relevant today as in Frost’s day, particularly when dealing with human nature — and more specifically social media and online marketing promotions....more

Old Spice Guy: He's Back!

Never have so many gleeful exclamation points greeted an ad campaign but all hail the return of our aromatic hero: Old Spice Guy. Yes, OSG is back with a contest and hilarious new custom videos responding to his many adoring fans. Members of both sexes simply can't get enough of the self-described, "ridiculously handsome man" who is so rugged, even his throat clearing is the buzz of a chainsaw. Let the swooning begin anew. ...more

I'll take that LOVE, thanksverymuch Song Lady.


BlogHer Contributing Editor, ...more

Twitter Best Practices: Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Twitter Better

Twitter is a place for conversations and the people who gain the most out of Twitter are using it as a discussion tool. Now, granted, those discussions can vary widely from ideas for dinner to the latest viral marketing campaign and everything in between. The key, though, is that whatever you decide to tweet, it should be relevant to your community and encourage a response. Here are a few best practices to help us all make Twitter a better place to converse. ...more

That's my biggest pet peeve on Twitter, people who say "Just in case you missed it blah blah ...more