Pick Your Favorite Viral Videos

Viral videos are everywhere. A decade ago, they were barely a blip on the computer screen, but today we can't escape from the endless footage of guilty dogs, musical cats, laughing babies, and an African honey badger with a major attitude. Why are these little slices of video life so fascinating? Who among us can't resist clicking on "the cutest kitten ever!" and then sharing it with a friend?...more
I really liked the kid after dental work.  I've been like that after dental treatment.   haha more

The Anti-Old Spice Man: Meet Rippin’ Rick (VIDEO)

Here’s a lesson in philosophy courtesy of Wikipedia: Hedonism is a school of ethics based around the idea that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, essentially arguing that people want to obtain the maximum amount of pleasure for the minimal amount of pain. ...more

Here's my impossible dilemma--to hit play and have it run in front of the kids or wait until ...more

So You Think You Can Dance Like an Internet Baby: Samba Baby and Other Tiny Dancers (VIDEO)

The web has a new celebrity, and the star of the latest viral video isn't even potty trained. Yes, we have another dancing baby -- this time fully equipped with the samba moves to impress any reality show judge. In fact, why not dedicate an entire series to the most popular dancers of all time? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the contestants of the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Like An Internet Baby: ...more

The Five Funniest "True Blood" Parodies (Plus Snoop Dogg's Tribute to Sookie)

In the midst of searching online for season spoilers or clips of Bill repeatedly saying "Sook-eh," I’m sure you’ve come across a parody or two of the endless number of spoofs poking fun at the Twi-Hards and the True Blood fanatics and anyone else who has fallen victim to the vampire-based pool of fandom. ...more

snoop dog was a great rapper! i love the videos!


Wall of Shameless Fame? Huggies Jean Diaper Commercial (VIDEO)

Move out of the way, Lane Bryant and Tim Tebow: The commercial for the newest Huggies product has ignited quite the controversy ... a jean-diaper-wearing, chic-baby-having, poop-referencing controversy at that. ...more

The comments about sexy I just don't get. If you watch the commercial, it is a bunch of "chic ...more

More Small Businesses are Tapping the Power of Video Online

More businesses are finding video content is boosting business and helping get attention.  If you can create a popular viral video; your business name could soon become a common household phrase.  A new online video playing on thousands of computers may just do that! ...more