(VIDEO) Glee, Virgins and The Power of Madonna: Time Traveling From Parent to Teen to Parent in One Hour

June 3, 1985: I was standing in the New Haven Coliseum waiting for the Beastie Boys to open for Madonna. I was sporting a ripped sweatshirt, Guess jeans and my mother's "merry widow." My hair was in a ponytail, tied up with a wide lace ribbon. Black rubber bracelets were stacked on both arms and rhinestone earrings hung from both of my earlobes. My best friend and I arrived at the concert in style -- well what passed for style in those days -- a red Subaru sedan. Given my history, it's no wonder I was completely glued to my television this week, along with 13 million other people, for the Glee episode aptly titled "The Power of Madonna." ...more

Rent "Boogie Nights" not realizing it's about porn, because you thought it was about disco, and ...more