Using the Internet to Teach Our Kids Consequences

Being heralded as the "most heartbreaking eBay listing you'll see today," a parent decided to list her sons' Beyblades after battles in the bathtub ruined the enamel, "took out a chunk" and broke the soap dish. It seems that the issue people are having is that the listing is accompanied by a super-sad picture of the boys. The question being asked now is: Did the parent take it too far? ...more

Yeah, I'm not a parent so take what I say with a grain of salt, but my heart is not really ...more

Are your virtual friends real? Your real friends virtual?

This post will not apply to half of you.  Maybe most of you.  My readers who are my friends by virtue of blood or physical proximity at some point in our lives may not be familiar with the virtual blogging realm in which you are dipping your toes by reading a blog like this.  While to you it is a public diary, a fun place to catch with your old pal “Ali” or “Alicia” (depending on which period of life you met me in, pre-fall 2004 or post),  to the rest of the readers this is my contribution to the semi-hobby craft of blogging, on display in a wide and far reaching...more