Do Tell: Share the Fashion Trend You Can't Believe You Wore and Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

In every woman's life, there's a fashion trend she shouldn't have worn. It may be because it's not flattering to her body type, or it may just be because that fad was wrong on every level in the known universe. Or ... both. ...more

My best friends and I loved these awful 'clodhoppers' in high school, ...more

Do Tell: Bury Me in These Shoes Contest. Somebody Won a $100 Visa Gift Card!

I thought the hairstyle photos were great, but the shoe gallery is so arty! Come check out the slideshow and see who won the $100 Visa gift card. ...more

Do Tell: Share the Shoes You Want to Be Buried In and Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

Shoe porn. We've all seen it -- the beautifully lit stiletto balanced on a glass shelf, the perfectly manicured toes peeping out of a delicate sandal. But wait, there's more to it than that, right? ...more

Macbuckleboot by Via Accenti