Infographic: Vitamin C

Hello Everyone!I’ve got something fun for you today!It took me nearly 24 hours to draw but it’s finally here:The infographic about vitamin C!You’ll get to know how Vitamine C can help your body and which foods are high in vitamin C.Let me know what you think of it! :)...more

Trying to Kick a Caffeine Addiction?

Trying to Kick a Caffeine Addiction?...more

Dr. Oz's advice about why your brain needs vitamin D-3

According to Doctor Oz (you know, Oprah's medical guru), D-3 is a very important vitamin not only because it helps build bones and decrease inflammation, but also because it's believed to help your brain function; specifically, with memory and thinking. It's particularly important if you're not a spring chicken (and honestly, how many 19-year-olds are reading blogs about D-3?) because Vitamin D levels decline as you age. n fact, Dr. Oz says that when you're 20 years old, your body produces FOUR TIMES more Vitamin D from the sun than when you're 70 years old! His advice?...more

Can vitamin D prevent - and treat - autism?

Lack of Vitamin D linked to dementia is from a new study on Alzheimer's, Dementia and cognitive impairment. I thought it was pretty interesting. I wasn't aware that the body's ability to absorb Vit. ...more