The Vitamins & Supplements I Take Every Day!

Vitamins and supplements can be controversial topics. So, let me just start this post reminding everyone that I am not a doctor. This post is just about what works for me and may work for you too. Please remember to consult with a medical professional before taking any kind of vitamins/ supplements. Anyway, I have SO MANY thoughts and opinions about vitamins and supplements this post could easily be 10 pages long. To avoid boring you all to death here's just a little summarized version:...more

Promising Research Links Vitamin D to Your Mental Health

A study by Rhonda Patrick, PhD and Bruce Ames, PhD of the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, links a vitamin 70% of us don't get enough of to the regulation of serotonin throughout the body....more

My Cold And Flu Season Arsenal

Ugh almost everyone in my family has been sick in the last month except me. Mostly just head-colds and coughs but those can linger for days, even weeks. When I was a kid my mom was always going on and on about Vitamin C, and she had a naturopathic doctor who prescribed homeopathic remedies all the time. We very rarely went to the Dr. mostly because we couldn’t afford it plus they can’t do anything for a cold anyway. The only time we gave in was when my mom was pretty sure we needed antibiotics.  These days I still don’t go to the Dr....more

Does milk still do your body good?

I grew up watching those milk commercials where a scrawny tween drank milk to capture the attention of an older, hotter teenager. And to this day, I drink milk. I don't drink the supposedly recommended three cups a day, but I do generally have a cup a day. From a young age, I bought into the whole marketing campaign: Yes, I want strong bones and teeth and I understand that milk provides me with the bulk of my daily calcium needs. ...more

Get More Vitamins From Healthy Food Sources

Healthy eating is all about eating foods that are full of the nutrients that we need for thriving health.  That is even more important when you are trying to lose weight and foods full of empty calories.  There are a couple nutrient sources that almost everybody is familiar with. Whether it's Vitamin C from an orange, potassium from a banana, or calcium from milk, these sources are pretty common knowledge....more
I did not know that salmon could be fortified in vitamin D. Thank you. Plans about weight loss ...more

Sunday Morning Smoothie

Happy Sunday everyone!!...more

Low vitamin D levels can harm the brain

A new study out of the University of Kentucky found that rats who ate a diet low in vitamin D (for several months) developed damage to their brains. They performed worse on memory and learning tests and it's believed that the vitamin D deficiency may also be harming other organs.In addition to the immediate effects, the longterm effects could cause cognitive decline.The lead author of the study said that vitamin D deficiency is particularly common among the elderly and has been linked to Alzheimer's, certain cancers and heart disease.The solution?...more
Thank you for bring up an important topic!  I think Vit D3 levels should be checked on all ...more

Sunshine For Your Health

Most of us spend the vast majority of our time indoors....more

Worried about stroke? Take Vitamin B

A new study analyzed data from 54,913 participants, comparing Vitamin B to a placebo (or a very low-dose B vitamin). Here's what they found:- There were 2,471 strokes during the studies. All appeared to have some benefit from taking Vitamin B.- Vitamin B lowered the risk of stroke in several of the studies by 7%.- Taking Vitamin B doesn't necessarily reduce the risk of death or the severity of the strokes.- Taking folic acid seemed to reduce the effect of Vitamin B....more

Dr. Paul Offit on the Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine

Ideally, we recognize things that seem too good to be true, but when it comes to alternative medicine, many people put their faith in testimonials rather than science. Dr. Paul Offit's book Do You Believe in Magic? explains why alternative products and therapies are often neither better nor safer than traditional approaches....more
@TanyaCummingsBoozer I am glad you feel so great about "taking back your life." But I'll go with ...more