V is for victory. And Vitamix.

Out of respect for people like my mom and Mr. T–folks who love Thanksgiving (mom) and/or want one holiday at a time thankyouverymuch (T)–I contain my Christmas crazy until Black Friday. Usually.Today, however, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas because I WON THE CHRISTMAS TREE WAGER....more

Juicing with a Vitamix and a nut milk bag

 Do you ever buy pure fruit or vegetable juices? Juicing is great for me, personally, because it helps me get more vegetable vitamins than I get from diet alone, while reducing the bulky fiber that can be difficult for my body to process with my history of digestive issues. I don't own a juicer, but I DO own a Vitamix....more

Pureed Sweet Potato with Skin

Ingredients: 3 Sweet Potatos or Yams (cleaned & scrubbed), I bought mine at Sprouts for $1.99/lb Tools:  Oven Vitamix (or you can you your blender or mash by hand) Ice Cube Tray Spatula       ...more

A Vitamix Love Affair Begins

I think it says a lot about me that the one thing I wanted for my birthday this year was a Vitamix. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Vitamix seems to be the best food processor out there (based on my research anyway). So it seemed that in order to cement my recent healthy food habits I had to get one. Unfortunately getting the best is never cheap and Vitamix is no exception....more
@dtanton @thatwoman LOVE that article about @Vitamix. I feel the same way!! http://t.co/YG2CLVeymore