How many IVF cycles should I pursue?

What is the Right Number of IVF Cycles for You?With all of the emotional and physical hardships that accompany IVF (in vitro fertilization), patients often ask me how many cycles they should pursue. There is no one pat answer because each patient’s fertility issues are unique....more

Are Fertility Treatments A Sin?

According to Pope Benedict XVI, conception is limited to the conjugal act between a husband and wife and artificial procreation is a social sin. What does your conscience dictate? Are fertility treatments a sin? ...more
@avflox My conscience dictates that the Vatican can kiss my f'ing ass! And I'm male. Fuck 'em!!!more

Will a Nobel Prize for Medicine Change the Way People View IVF?

The Nobel Prize does matter. It changes the way the general public views an advancement in medicine, with the idea trickling down from the scientific community into the layperson world. The committee's acceptance of an idea, the declaration that it should be honored, carries weight. And it will be interesting to watch public opinion for the next few years following Robert Edwards' Nobel for his IVF work. Will IVF become less controversial? Or will it still continue to garner headlines daily? ...more

He may have created it but there are still ethical issues that have not been resolved. ...more

Fertility, IVF, and meditation

I believe it is highly probable that we can affect our fertility success rates by connecting with the spirit of our child, especially during the IVF process. I have several clients that have not even needed to go through with IVF once they learned the BabySpirit Meditation -- a unique experience I have created for mothers-to-be to connect and communicate with their child, and to experience their essence and personality. They just conceive. It is as though they were waiting for their parents ...more


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Killing girls, praying to bear sons, and other ways to strangle the human race

I suppose it's newsworthy that a 70-year-old woman, Omkari Panwar of Muzaffarnagar, India, has given birth to twins. On the other hand, last year the story was that a 60-year-old woman from New Jersey gave birth to twins. We talked about that here at BlogHer, and so, we've had the "what is too old to bear children" debate already. ...more

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Up Where?

April 4, 2006 People who want kids can’t have them. People who don’t want kids get pregnant and have abortions. People who shouldn’t have kids have too many. Oh, the irony of life. ...more