5 Rules for a Successful Vlog (or Blog!)

Bloggers know that there are certain "rules" to blogging that lead to increased traffic and interaction with readers.  Yet sometimes, when making that additional step to becoming a vlogger, we forget that the same rules apply. Creating a YouTube channel and simply posting videos won't bring you the traffic you desire any more than creating content and posting it without any interaction or promotion will work for your blog. Taking the same rules we apply to blogging will not only increase your channel’s views and shares but your subscribers as well, which in turn increases your channel’s impact with brands. How? Let me share a few ways with you. ...more
Haha! That's exactly what I've done..there is a bit of a window seet in my bedroom that I use.more

Get Real, Beyonce: Girls Don't Rule the World

The vlogger Nineteen Percent takes issue with Beyonce's song Girl (Who Rule the World) in this scathing monologue about women's rights in America and across the world. Take a look -- do you agree? ...more
I've seen this video before and again, I'm in the minority of people who don't agree with this ...more

BeChicMag.com: Sephora and Shopbop Collection

Ladies, it's no surprise that we sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time getting ready in the morning or before heading out for the night. That's just what it takes for us to be the fabulous women we are, right? Not so much......more


As a vlogger who interacts with her audience and speaks with high-profile experts and celebrities, having a zit is a total nightmare and unfortunately, it has become part of my daily worries. From red circular scars that have lived on my face for more than three years to a new pimple after eating fried food, there are days when my face isn't as clear as it was in high school and it drives me crazy!...more