We The Fentons: Views From The Family Vlog

Like many kids these days, my 10 year old son Chase is addicted to Youtube.  He's only allowed to use the iPad on weekends, in common spaces of the house (ie. not alone in his bedroom), and with strict filtering mode enabled (of course), and if it were up to him, he'd do it all day. ...more

7 Good Reasons to Start a YouTube Video Channel

I'm no spring chicken, so how do I have the chutzpah to start making not one but two YouTube channels? For probably the same reason I began blogging more than ten years ago. At that time, it seemed the height of vanity and delusion for someone, especially a middle aged woman, to have her own blog. (That was the usual reaction right after, "What is a blog?"). The reason then is the same as my present one for delving into the world of video taping myself. I wanted to share my accumulated life experience with other women, and the wide open world of the internet seemed like a great opportunity to do that. ...more
Bodynsoil Great! I also encouraged my daughter to make a video that shares her behind the scenes ...more

The AT&T Guy | VEDA Day Two

The #SSSVEDA prompt for today is: What's your favorite commercial?...more

Hello, You! | VEDA Day one

I'm participating in VEDA (vlog everyday in April) this month! Swing by my channel to see more videos and don't forget to subscribe.....because that would be amazing.  ...more

Visible Monday, Maybe

I totally get the idea of feeling like you're invisible as a post 50, or even 45, year old woman.  I did a video on it. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egpkio48dxI     I know a lot of women feel this and it can't help but impact us.  As if we need anything more to make us more insecure, have low self-esteem, etc., etc.  Social media may hold answers for thoe of us suffering from invisibility syndrome....more

Vlogging at 59 and Some Things It Has Shown Me

I have been working on my YouTube channel since October.  When I started it, I had no idea it would change my life as it has.  I don't think the changes are visible to anyone, but they're internal and important changes.  Starting the channel has also taught me things about myself....more

BlogHer Food Interviews: How and Where to Distribute Your Videos

I have to tell you: Doing these speaker interviews for BlogHer Food '13 has been really fun so far! Not only am I inspired to do more with my blogs, but I'm also kind of hungry. This week I hit a topic I know that many of our attendees are curious about -- video -- and asked the speakers of our How and Where to Distribute Your Video panel this question: How did you learn which platform worked best for your videos? Do you have any funny or important trial and error stories to share with our readers?...more

BlogHer PRO Interviews: Why You Should Vlog

BlogHer PRO is less than two weeks away, and the Events team is getting so excited to bring you this new and fun conference. If you're undecided about which sessions to attend (check our agenda) or if you even should attend, we thought we'd bring you some interviews with our session speakers to give you a glimpse into what you might learn from each panel. I started with the Video track since we saw video take off in 2012. I asked this question about video blogging: Why should today's bloggers be doing video?...more


I wanted to make my own inspiration video for a long time but I had no idea how to do it.   Among all the amazing sessions that Blogher offered at the conference, there were two sessions on vlogging hosted by Catherine Mccord from Weelicious (great personality and fabulous cooking videos with children) and CJ Bruce (a super smart media expert).   They were so informative and answered all of my questions.  Here is the video that I created.  ...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com I just figured it out with Darci's comment.  Thank you so much for reaching ...more

I Am Not Boring: Quality Link-ups

It's a busy day for Sperk*! I'm featured at The Parent Du Jour and working on my link-ups for Monday Listicles and The Bloggers Dance Off:...more