Mommy Bloggers, this one’s for you! After several requests for an introductory to Vlogging, combining blogging and video, I thought I would put together a piece to help anyone out there interested in this hot trend. “We’re going from being media consumers to media makers. We’re learning how to do that,” according to Chuck Olsen, a documentary filmmaker and video blogger. “There’s sort of a whole continuum between (videotaping) grandpa’s birthday and filmmaking.” (Source: wired.com)...more

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I have an interesting twitter name that was created on a whim and stuck. I was named after a photograph that was found online of a cat somehow kicking a dog in the air. It was all very random but my name @kungfupussy, came about as that photo was my avatar for the longest time. ...more

If You Want Your Message to Be Heard, Do Things Differently

"Not nearly enough people listen to what we have to say, and we have a lot to say," a fellow blogger at MideastYouth.com tells me during one of our campaigns to highlight the human rights abuses faced by the Baha'i communities in Egypt and Iran. Getting traditional media outlets to cover such controversial issues is difficult. One whole year of writing blog posts and translating reports was not working. What now? ...more

Many underestimate the value comics have in trying to capture attention. Like most artists, our ...more

Thinking Outside the Box: Vlogging with Video Snapshots and Photos

As Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks proved last week with her BlogHer '10: 4 Days in 4 Minutes movie, a vlog or video doesn't have be someone talking to the camera. Live-action shots are not a must -- think outside the box! ...more

It is a stripped down version of Windows Movie Maker but it was redesigned for easier combining ...more

Creating a Vlog in a Conference Setting

This is my 2 cents on what to think about if you intend to shoot video in a conference setting. Just remember, 2 cents doesn't go all that far these days. ...more

Heehee... can't beat the hard-cold fact of reality, right? :)

Jenny Ingram writes at more

Momversation Branches Out to ... Ordinary People

Momversation -- the vlogging site that regularly features bloggers Alice Bradley, Rebecca Woolf, Asha Dornfest, Heather Armstrong, Daphne Brogden, Giyen Kim, Maggie Mason, Dana Loesch, Mindy Roberts and Jessica Gottlieb -- just launched its newest foray into video: Her Story. Which is about the stories of nonbloggers, or maybe not-necessarily-bloggers. Which is interesting to me. People with stories who don't write them on the Internet? WHAT? So I got parent company DECA's co-founder Chris Kimbell on the horn to dig in with some questions. ...more

I'd love to "write" or video blog about this topic. I'm happily married hoping to start a family ...more

Tricks That Give Your Videos Sparkle!

In this video I highlight four simple things you can do to help make your videos more attention-grabbing and fun: Music, text, easy editing, and transitions. Part 2 of my series teaching you the art of vlogging. ...more

Awesome tips, Jenny on the Spot! You've given me ideas!


Anyone Can Vlog!

Have a camera? Have a computer? Then YOU CAN VLOG! I often hear folks say they can't create a vlog because they can't edit, or add music, or perceive that the art of vlogging is just too hard. I say, NU-UH! ...more

That was fun to watch.

I have some reservation about this, though I know it would be really ...more

Sharing or Creating Video with Facebook

Facebook is a great way to share information with your community. Most of us use it regularly to provide quick updates about what we’re doing, where we’re going, or a news story that interests us. Most of us also regularly upload pictures to share with our communities. You know what I’ve noticed, though? Not many people are using Facebook’s video features. I’m not sure if that’s because not many people use video (really? I find that hard to believe--where are the vloggers?) or people just don’t know how (which I think is more likely). If the lack of video stems from the former reason, I can’t help; if it stems from the latter, read on! I’m going to explain how you can upload video to your Facebook account or create a completely new video on the fly on your Facebook profile....more

Thanks for this post Melanie.  A few months ago I spent hours trying to get some videos ...more

Using Video to Build Content

One of the essential tenets of blogging is bringing value to your readers. Sure, you're witty and intelligent--it shows in your writing--but sometimes you want (and need) to take it up a notch. How can you add value and interest to your posts? Use podcasts, photos, and videos to enhance what you already have. In this three-part series, I'll cover how each of these can help you build the content of your blog and offer even more value to your readers. So far we've tackled podcasting and photos. Today we wrap up the series with a discussion of video (but I'm going to skip the obvious and not discuss Gary Vaynerchuck). ...more

I'm a bit late at commenting.  Thanks for including a link to my videos.

I love the way ...more