Necessity's a Mother

"Mater artium necessitas," Latin, William Horman 1519"Necessity is the Mother of Invention," English, Richard Frank, 1658"The Mothers of Invention," Classic Rock Band, Frank Zappa, 1960s & '70s"Necessity's a Mother,", Robin, 2012 So many tasks, so little time.How DOES the blogger of today handle family, pets, finances, clothing and food production while, most likely, holding down a job, or maybe two?...more
@elaineR.N. after livung with children so long, sometimes I can plunge into ...more

Tricks That Give Your Videos Sparkle!

In this video I highlight four simple things you can do to help make your videos more attention-grabbing and fun: Music, text, easy editing, and transitions. Part 2 of my series teaching you the art of vlogging. ...more

Awesome tips, Jenny on the Spot! You've given me ideas!