English as a Second Language: What's in a Game?

One thing we've learned as foreign exchange parents is that homesickness pops up at random moments. Social isolation, no can do. Enter family game night....more

We are not good with words

Once upon a time, I read 100 books in a year. And I loved it. (Seriously. Try it.) Right now I am having my son read a book every night....more

Kids Say the Darndest Things

 Emmy is a talker, with a vocabulary that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every day. For the most part, she is totally easy to understand. But recently I’ve been noticing and appreciating “Emmyisms” – words that are uniquely (and repeatedly) mispronounced in a way that is hugely endearing....more
@JennaHatfield  @Denise That's super... and pretty much my sentiment about donuts, in general. :)more

The Wonders of Words and Wordlessness

Here's the thing. Before Emmy had words, I was absolutely ACHING for the moment she would be able to verbalize her needs. Parenting was primarily a guessing game,a la "Is Em hungry? Is she crying because she is thirsty? Because she is too hot? Because she hurt herself? Is it already time to change her diaper (again)?" Now that Em has words, parenting has become a heck of a lot easier on so many levels....more
Thank you so much, Barbara. It is definitely a journey, and I love every minute of it (well, ...more

Vocabulario Viernes: Words That I Hate

We all have our little list.  The list of words we don't like to write, read, speak or even think about.  This Vocabulario Viernes (Vocabulary Friday) post is about that little list.Actually, my list of icky words is fairly long and coincidentally it starts with icky.  Icky.  It's one of those words that just pops out of the mouth....more
Ha! Love any post about words. i can't think of words that bug me as much as incorrect ...more

Words That Just Make Everyone Uncomfortable

I love words; I really do. The right words in the right hands can give expression to the part of man that mirrors God. But some words are just incurably, gratuitously dumb. ...more

"Awesome" has been taking some heat in the comments, but I like it a lot too!

Author ...more

You don't learn your own language? Why?

Okay, I'm officially confused. I've just finished talking to a friend of mine who is a public school teacher, and he informed me that American kids don't learn English language in elementary school....more

What the Heck Does Yule Mean?

It seems that every year during the holiday season, I find myself having to brush up on my Christmas vocabulary.  I only learned a few years ago what myrrh is, and I heard the word “Ruprecht” for the first time this year and wish I hadn’t.  Yikes.  ...more

Ginka House of Madness

This post is for you J-Bode.Once upon a time, the hubs and I were driving in the car. Or sitting on the couch. Or somewhere. I'm pretty sure it was in the car though. This was before we were married, when my last name was still Ginka.That's not really the point though.I looked at him out of the corner of my eye:Me: Did you foof?David: Did I what?Me: Foof, did you foof (Pronounced like foot, but with an f)...more