Elaine Plummer RN: Nursing Is A Vocation, Not Just A Job

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Life on the Curve—TWO: Wom-Mind

What to call that “stage” or experience-across-various-stages of a woman’s life when she finds her métier [1. vocation, trade. 2. an area of activity in which one excels] and practices her strengths in a larger community?Second in this series on the stages of a woman’s life and soul-experience is a look at what I’m calling “Wom-Mind”—again, a focus on woman-in-herself as she presents in the world, her potential, interactions, accomplishments, and how it all feels to her....more
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A Mother's Job

My husband started an online debate.  This is nothing new.  He posts something that he knows will stir people and he waits for the comments to come flowing in.  He doesn't start the day thinking what can I do to get people riled up, but he writes and speaks about controversial topics fully intent on defending his position with Scripture.  Then there are times when he writes totally obnoxious things about various sports teams or political shenanigans.  But that is a whole other story. ...more

For Those We Tend


I Need You Now

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Get More Energy ... At Your Workplace

There's an energy crisis occurring in America and it's happening in the hearts and minds of its people," said my friend Ari Weinzweig in a recent conversation. He shared with me how clear he was that there's an energy crisis going on -- one that's just as serious as the one centered around our planet's resources -- in our nation's workforce. Working men and women are checked out, uninterested, frustrated, unfulfilled, and looking forward to going home and doing something else. ...more

I really liked your post. You are right on target when you say that energy is contagious. ...more

What's Your Thrillprint?

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A Life's Work

My friend gave birth to a girl yesterday - a beautiful, healthy bouncing girl and I found myself crying for an hour today over the washing up. I was so emotional. I was thinking constantly about the births of my daughters; the first few bonding moments and the first few hours of their lives with me. I found myself unpacking a box of newborn baby clothes, which I had packed away to keep - looking through them, stroking and holding the tiny garments and crying a little more. ...more