B.O.B. Bob's Bloody Mary

Moscow Mule

Naughty Rudolph

If you’re looking for something with sugar, spice, and everything nice then exit this post immediately because it is all NAUGHTY!But it IS the perfect drink to share with your friends this holiday season.Check out the recipe here:http://gofryyourself.com/naughty-rudolph/...more


This blogging journey of mine has introduced me to friends, taken me places, and made me step outside of my comfort zone in experimenting with foods -and beverages- way more than I would have done on my own....more

Fish Tacos, Watermelon Vodka Slushes, and a New Name

Good morning and happy Sunday, readers! Since today is Father's Day, I would like to begin this post by stating how wonderful my own Dad is. Without a doubt, he has been the most influential person in my life and is easily the first person I run to for advice when times are tough. I am one very blessed daughter to have been given such a fantastic Father. Although we cannot be together today, I look forward to spending time with him next week....more

Creamy and Delicious Bacon Vodka Sauce

I’ve been on this “make your own pasta ...more

"This Drink Doesn't Wear Mom Jeans" Cocktail

 I had this refreshingly delicious cocktail at Genji on our wedding anniversary.And I made this for us while watching the last Academy Awards Night....more

Super Bowl Sparkling Cocktails

In my household, Super Bowl isn't just a day where we gather around the tv and watch men running with a ball across a large grassy field while trying to avoid getting tackled by the opposing team. It's an event. We usually have anywhere between 20 and 40 of our closest football-loving friends over. Decorations start going up a few days before game day and eventually they cover practically every square inch of blank space. ...more

Cucumber Ginger Sparkler

 Hey there! Iiiiiiiiiit’s Monday! I know I know. Monday. AND it’s the first day of school! So I dunno about you, but I could definitely use a cocktail. This is the perfect cocktail to reassure yourself that summer isn’t over quite yet....more

Vodka? Check.

Doomsday and Disaster Preppers said people should have enough food, water, and supplies to last 3 days. For me, that means… I am totally unprepared for any disaster…even especially zombies. I’m supposed to have canned food. Does cat food count? I’m supposed to have bottled water....more
I'm just going to move to my Mother's she has stockpile to outlast the pandemic...more