Vogue Kim and Kanye cover

Vogue magazine to many girls out there, represents the fashion mecca of the world. All of my life the word VOGUE meant something special. I follow Vogue on social media, print, and I watch any TV show, documentary, or film that relates to this fashion empire. If it has anything to do with Vogue, I want to know about it. Like many, I’m Vogue obsessed....more

Lena Dunham's the Real Girl's Role Model

A lot has been said about Lena Dunham and her penchant for appearing nude in virtually every scene of her hit HBO series Girls. Recently, she’s been the subject of much debate over photo touch ups; how much is too much and should they really be done at all. ...more
I've never seen "Girls", but I've read a lot about Dunham. She seems very impressive. I was ...more

Fashion Rants Post-50

“If you’re over 50 and pick up a copy of Vogue magazine, don’t expect to see someone like you peering back from the cover,” writes Stephanie Pappas for a Today Show article highlighting the failure (or refusal) of women’s magazines to portray images of women that reflect their actual readerships, or ...more

Fighting for Feminine Professions: Why We Don't ALL Have to Work at VOGUE


That is so true, Anita. The fact that we currently make up more than 40% of the workforce in the ...more

Blatantly Honest Fashion

I admit it.  Being called “fashionable” does not strike me as a compliment.  Bizarre woman I am in this culture, I know....more

What's Wrong With Vogue?

Last weekend, the New York Times published an essay by fashion critic Cathy Horyn titled "What's Wrong with Vogue?"  Horyn's short answer to her own rhetorical question was this: "Vogue has become stale and predictable, and it has happened in spite of some of the best editors, writers and photographers in the business."  Horyn is right, but there is more to it than that. ...more

I don't use the magazine the same way, i think. I shop a lot on Ebay and usually pick up ...more

Thank God! Anna Wintour To Stay At Vogue! At Least For Now...

DAHLINGS - Imagine my relief when I read numerous rebuttals to the rumor tha tmy darling Anna Wintour would be replaced at Vogue! Si Newhouse and even Roitfeld's daughter have said absolutely non to the proposed change. Les mots ne peuvent exprimer mon secours. ...more

Terrible Rumors! Anna Wintour To Leave Vogue??

DAHLINGS - As you know, I am the last word in discreet. Far be it from moi to spread rumors, but possibly terrible news has reached my shell-like ears: Anna Wintour may be replaced at Vogue! Non! Il ne peut pas être! C'est un scandale, je vous le dis, un crime au-delà des mots! Je suis sans voix! Les mots me manquent! Non! Non! Non! ...more

Bus Stop Fashionista

I recently got a job writing about fashion for a monthly magazine, which is quite laughable, especially to my bus stop moms who know my true sense of style--pajamas layered with leggings, giant sweaters and slippers that rarely match. True, I have always had a unique style, but whether it has been fashionable is the question. ...more

Third World Chic... Come on, Could there be such a thing?

This week Vogue India has really caught a lot of media attention from its August Issue. On one page an old toothless woman holds a dirty and messy haired baby wearing a $100 designer Fendi bib.  On another a barefoot man stands in front of his mud hut holding onto a $500 Burberry umbrella as his, presumably, wife laughs beside him. ...more