Stop Logging My Thoughts and Harassing Me!

Everyone else writes it off as mental illness, auditory hallucinations. They think I'm obsessed with a man a used to work for and thought I loved, over a year ago. I think to myself, how egotistical. Normally when someone hurts you emotionally, you want as far away from that person as possible. Which is what I want. But these damn voices won't allow it. In the sick, twisted game they play, they make me look like the obsessed, crazy one. I just read where this is actually a common occurrence in the extra-marital affairs department. ...more
I thought I was saving this to post later with the start of my story, but it posted immediately ...more

Voices of a Small Town

I gave myself a challenge several days ago. I was out and about in my community during the last few days and started asking questions. I spoke with a woman on main street and asked her what our community could do to improve. After she stopped looking at me like I had two heads her reply was simple. Better and more businesses. You see most of our main street does have businesses, but some of the older buildings are falling apart. So for some of those businesses it is a constant struggle to stay in business. ...more

A Woman In Social Media Who Stands For All Women

I think every once in a while, all women should step out and do something they think they might get in trouble for, and that's what I'm going to do right now....more
Wow, hi everyone, Stacy, you know me so well -- I think the first words out of my mouth ...more

A Friend of Boo Radley – The 50th Anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird

I have read some of the retrospectives and criticisms of To Kill a Mockingbird. July 11, 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee's book, originally published by the J.B. Lippencott Company. I hope that Harper Lee can take some pleasure in still kicking up a bit of dust and fuss with her book. ...more

I absolutely love this book. I also read a book BASED off "To Kill a Mocking Bird" called ...more

Yanni Voices CD Giveaway

This is Yanni Like you've never heard him before. "expect the unexpected."  Four young vocalists team up with Yanni and create a beautiful music CD. Visit "The Grotto" to enter to win a Yanni Voices CD!! ...more

Progressive Women's Voices Program - Deadline 12.15 ...more

Clinton, McCain, Obama: Who Has the Best Voice?

Well, here we are on the last day of the Primary season, a perfect moment in the campaign to ask the all-important question that probably has not been asked about the three major contenders for the major office in the land. Which of the three candidates--Clinton, McCain, or Obama, has the best speaking voice? ...more

A quiet voice within

I think everyone, or at least I hope everyone, has a quiet monologue going on their head, a comforting voice that guides them through their day. It could be their conscience, God, or some other force that helps them when life gets to be too much or when they have a decision to make that affects more than themselves. Sometimes the little voice in my head sounds like a more assured Me, sometimes it takes on the tenor of a male voice, other times it sounds remarkably like my Mom. That gives me hope that maybe my kids will hear my voice in their heads when they are contemplating doing something they know I would want to know about. I also hope I’m giving them good advise, even on a subconscious level. As to my voices, no matter what they sound like, they tend to speak in homilies. Please read the rest at If Mom Says OK. ...more