3 Picture Books for Consumption-Averse Families

Oh no!  Santa is in the joint!  Someone better spring him quick, or Christmas will be ruined! (photo courtesy of flickr user kevin dooley)...more
@@BehavioralChild I got that last one from an aunt last year who is a children's librarian - I ...more

5 Simple Living Bloggers Show Downsizing Can be Smart-sizing

Early this month, I moved from what I considered a relatively spacious half-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica -- to a tiny, less-than-400-square-foot apartment in West Hollywood. I just tried to figure out exactly how small it is -- but I can't locate the measuring tape in its new hiding spot! In any case, the move got me seriously thinking about tiny living, downsizing, simplicity, organization, and efficiency. And thanks to both the economy and the environmental movement, many other women are rethinking their personal American dreams, wondering if smaller can, indeed, make for a better, happier life. ...more
I too downsized, moving to a studio apartment of 300 square feet.  It made me look at things ...more

Can EcoLiving Be A Feminist Act?

I've often contemplated the ease with which I might blow off environmentalism: the convenience foods I might buy, the disposable plates which would banish the drudgery of dishwashing from my days, the time I could spend kicking my dogs up instead of making things as random as countertop spray, muffin mix, and edible play-dough from scratch. ...more