I'm not getting a lot of cooking done this week. My cookies are baked, my holiday menu is planned, and I'm excited about the visitors we have coming in this weekend. But this week is also one of my favorite weeks of the year, and an important part of the season for me. It's Taos Feeds Taos week, and I'm working hard to help see that over 1,100 families in my community will have a Christmas dinner. No, it's not a vegan venture. That would be a Christmas Miracle for sure....more

Get Involved in Your Community

Did getting more involved in your community make your list of goals or resolutions?Here’s why it should....more

Feed Somebody

Today I'm going to volunteer at Taos Feeds Taos. It's not a vegan operation, but sometimes you just have to do the best you can. People need to be fed! I have to rush off, but I want to encourage everyone to get out there and put in a little volunteer time. You'll help more than you'll know, and you'll get more than you'll give!...more

The Starfish Lesson


'Teens Turning Green' Project Challenge

Every parent to a high school student knows that a certain amount of volunteer hours is a requirement for graduation. Here’s a great way to get in some of those hours: Teens Turning Green has an initiative in October called the Project Green Challenge....more

Stay At Home Mom Feels Bored

I’m a SAHM and my kids are both in school. I used to keep busy with PTA and other activities with my other mom friends, but now most of them are going back to work because of the economy. I don’t want to get a job, but I’m starting to feel really lonely with everybody gone all day. What do you suggest?...more
Its easy to fall into a mundane routine and feel bored but there is a way around it. LifeProfit ...more

Trip to Africa... Sezione Due

I don't know why I did that in Italian other than I just love the language :)So, I think I've narrowed it down to where I what I want to do for my trip to Africa. I felt like I kept getting all of these signs for Kenya. It was always Kenya this, Kenya that, etc etc, but as I've done research, I think the trip that I keep circling back to is in Ghana...more

BlogHer Handmade '11 Call for Volunteers

*************UPDATE*************Call for Volunteers has closed!  Thank you to all that have applied.******************************************************************************************************We are putting out a call for volunteers for this year’s BlogHer Handmade ’11 Conference in St. Paul, MN -- and we have BlogHerships available!We're offering BlogHerships in exchange for being a conference volunteer. At the BlogHer Handmade conference, we are looking for volunteers interested in live blogging, so BlogHerships are very limited....more
wish we could be there!more

Find You Butterfly Effect: Manna Project International

Introducing Manna Project International:...more