Trip to Africa... Sezione Due

I don't know why I did that in Italian other than I just love the language :)So, I think I've narrowed it down to where I what I want to do for my trip to Africa. I felt like I kept getting all of these signs for Kenya. It was always Kenya this, Kenya that, etc etc, but as I've done research, I think the trip that I keep circling back to is in Ghana...more

BlogHer Handmade '11 Call for Volunteers

*************UPDATE*************Call for Volunteers has closed!  Thank you to all that have applied.******************************************************************************************************We are putting out a call for volunteers for this year’s BlogHer Handmade ’11 Conference in St. Paul, MN -- and we have BlogHerships available!We're offering BlogHerships in exchange for being a conference volunteer. At the BlogHer Handmade conference, we are looking for volunteers interested in live blogging, so BlogHerships are very limited....more
wish we could be there!more

Find You Butterfly Effect: Manna Project International

Introducing Manna Project International:...more

Find Your Butterfly Effect


College 101: Summer Activities for the High School Student

By Kristin Thomas, College Consultant & Guest Contributor...more


Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.” - Robert H. Schuller...more


GO PRO BONO – NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEKby Tracey Jackson   I have been asked by Catchafire to write a piece for National Volunteer week on the pro bono work....more

Selfless Acts of Kindness?

There are so many wonderful reasons to take part.  The joy of contributing, making others feel better, meeting new people, learning a skill, putting a smile on a strangers' face, leadership development, selfless giving. Volunteering is a richly rewarding experience, no matter your age, gender, background or religion.   I've done it and continue to do so in a variety of areas of my life and encourage my kids to do the same.  Not everything in life has to be tied to a tangible or monetary reward. ...more

Getting to College 101 - Teenagers and Time Well Spent

By Kristin Thomas, College Consultant & Guest Contributor...more

I'm Sort of Connected to a Nobel Peace Prize

Today I found out that a charity I have volunteered with for the last two years has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. WOW. I am so thrilled with this news! Wings of Hope is a truly wonderful organization that deserves all of the attention and honor this nomination brings. They are on a short list of 150 nominees, and I sincerely hope that they are awarded the prize in September....more