You are Awesome!

Sometimes, the Internet sucks me in.  I start out trying to find what price to set on selling a horse, a horse who has done pole bending, and the next thing you know, you have to shut down your browser before your 8 year old son asks why that naked woman is hanging upside down on a pole.  How did I get to that website? ...more

US Woman Protects Overlooked Soldiers


2011 Ex-plore How You Can Help Eliminate Poverty

  In 2011 Ex-plore how you can help eliminate poverty. “Anyone can make a difference....more

Resolutions for a Better World: A Blogshare Opportunity

Each year, as the calendar turns from December to January, greeting a new year and leaving one behind, millions of people make "New Year's Resolutions". Typically, they resolve to improve themselves or their lives in some fashion....more

What Every American's New Year's Resolution Should Be

It's almost the end of the year and time for our annual New Year's Resolutions. Some of us will resolve to lose weight, get in shape, get a new job, eat healthier, or even spend more time with the kids. What if I told you that you could do all of these things and more by resolving to do just one thing? Better still, this one thing won't cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee it will save you money!...more

Those are amazing statistics.
I never ever have the TV on when I am alone. I read 10x more ...more

"Hookers" Fight Cancer: Share A Square 2010 Works For Quality

The folks at the Post Office are wondering about the packages that I juggle as I leave each day. They have no idea that inside are lovely crocheted squares (6' x 6') from around the world that will be made into afghans for children at a cancer camp next summer.  We did this before in 2008; "hookers" united from across the world to make 150 afghans for the children of Camp Sanguinity.  So far this year 1,413 squares have arrived for Share A Square 2010 (a little more than a tenth of what will eventually be joined together).  We need more! ...more

You are the right arm, Jennymcb. I appreciate all you have done.

Shelly ...more

The Healthy Voyager's Kenyan Adventure

The Healthy Voyager goes to the Massai Mara & Nairobi, Kenya! Join me as I find healthy, vegan, vegetarian, low fat, gluten free & other special diet friendly meals in this gorgeous country. Lots of great food to eat, healthy activities to partake in and beautiful people to meet! I visit the Sarova Mara resort, spend time with the Massai tribe, document the wonderful work of volunteers chosen by Virgin Atlantic to help build dorms and bring a water system to the Sekenani school children of the Massai Mara, and party with the Kenyan soccer team in Nairobi!...more

Everything Changes When You Volunteer with Your Kids

By volunteering together, my daughter learned more than what it means to care for a newborn. She learned how helping others can be transformative. She developed confidence in herself and her abilities. She encouraged a few of her friends to join her and demonstrated leadership by advising the other teen sitters. I appreciated the interaction she had with the older teen moms from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. I noticed the way my daughter felt needed, that her efforts were valued. ...more

I love volunteering with my kids -- I get to do something for others AND enjoy the best gift, ...more

Regret Not Having Kids

Why do you feel a pang of regret for those children you never had, that you always said you never wanted?...more

Honoring Teen and Tween Volunteers for Outstanding Service

One of the most important things we can teach our teens and tweens is the importance of giving. Not having much money at that age to donate, the best way for youth to give is by volunteering in charitable efforts. The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards was created 15 years ago to recognize young heroes who have made exceptional impacts on the lives of others through acts of volunteerism. ...more