How Can We Support Kids Who Want to Create Change?

Need a little pick me up today? Watch this adorable video on of 5th Grader, Damon Weaver, interviewing President Obama. Damon asks the President about education reform, school lunches, and my favorite question, "I notice as President that you get bullied a lot. How do you handle it?" ...more

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Kiva Fellows Program (KF9) Here I Come!

From October 2009 through April 2010, I will be volunteering as a Kiva Fellow in Latin America.  I will be working directly with one of Kiva’s partner microfinance institutions (MFIs), interviewing entrepreneurs and creating profiles on the Kiva website so that generous lenders like you can learn about their situation and lend them the capital they need to start or expand their microenterprises.  Women in developing countries make up the majority of microfinance loan recipients.  The work of Kiva, Kiva's partner MFIs and Kiva Fellows improves the standard of living for the business owners, their families and their communities. ...more

Breakfast at St. John the Divine

What: Serving breakfast to homeless and hungry ...more

Giving to Go

So sometimes at my office, we order lunch as a group and everyone eats together, and as a thank you for working hard and making money, the company foots the bill. ...more

Not me.. Thanks for the tip! I think i'll update that post on my website to include that ...more

Young Professionals: Are you building your personal brand?

As graduating caps and tassels begin to fly, many young professionals are entering the workforce. So to all you young professionals, congrats! You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Now that you are in the workforce, there are multiple ways to start rising to the top. ...more

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Volunteers are indispensable. They help certain organizations function on a day-to-day basis, do the work that may otherwise go undone, and in some cases, they ARE the organization. Our time is invaluable…. or is it? ...more

Volunteering Can Transform Your Life

About 12 years ago my life hit a rough patch. I was in a job that wasn't using my skills, and wasn't going anywhere. My boyfriend had broken up with me. Turning 30 wasn't far away. I wasn't feeling so hot. I started volunteering at a San Francisco based arts education organization, Streetside Stories. The program teaches autobiographical writing in Bay Area public schools using storytelling (oral, written, digital). ...more

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Coming to a Public School Near You: Hopefully, You as a Volunteer

Tuesday was my first day volunteering with the "reading partners" program at my neighborhood public elementary school. Every week I get to go in and read with the same two children for a half an hour each in the school library. Because it was my first time meeting the students, part of the half hour was spent getting to know each other. I found out that the kindergartner I'll be working with likes pizza, the color green, pirates, sports and dinosaurs. We read a book together about tugboats before he went to lunch. ...more

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Open Letter to Obama: What Can We Do?


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