Young Professionals: Are you building your personal brand?

As graduating caps and tassels begin to fly, many young professionals are entering the workforce. So to all you young professionals, congrats! You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Now that you are in the workforce, there are multiple ways to start rising to the top. ...more

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Volunteers are indispensable. They help certain organizations function on a day-to-day basis, do the work that may otherwise go undone, and in some cases, they ARE the organization. Our time is invaluable…. or is it? ...more

Volunteering Can Transform Your Life

About 12 years ago my life hit a rough patch. I was in a job that wasn't using my skills, and wasn't going anywhere. My boyfriend had broken up with me. Turning 30 wasn't far away. I wasn't feeling so hot. I started volunteering at a San Francisco based arts education organization, Streetside Stories. The program teaches autobiographical writing in Bay Area public schools using storytelling (oral, written, digital). ...more

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Coming to a Public School Near You: Hopefully, You as a Volunteer

Tuesday was my first day volunteering with the "reading partners" program at my neighborhood public elementary school. Every week I get to go in and read with the same two children for a half an hour each in the school library. Because it was my first time meeting the students, part of the half hour was spent getting to know each other. I found out that the kindergartner I'll be working with likes pizza, the color green, pirates, sports and dinosaurs. We read a book together about tugboats before he went to lunch. ...more

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Valentines That Give Back

Whether you are single, or attached, why not celebrate Valentines Day with a gift that gives back? Megan Stohner has a great roundup of ideas in her post, What are you spending on this Valentine's Day - chocolates or charity? on the Case Foundation blog, Let's Talk. ...more

5 Ways to Participate on the MLK Day of Service

Did you know that Congress passed the King Holiday and Service Act in 1994 making it a national day of volunteer service? I didn't, until President-elect Barack Obama asked Americans to volunteer on MLK Day, and throughout the year. Below are 5 ways you can get involved: 1. Volunteer! ...more

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Blog Action Day: 4 Ways to Alleviate Poverty in Your Community

My new favorite TV show (in addition to The Mentalist) is 4REAL hosted by Sol Guy. Guy takes celebrities around the world to connect with young leaders who are creating change in their communities. The most recent episode featured Eva Mendes, and Liz Evans, the Executive Director and Founder of the Portland Hotel Society in Vancouver. ...more

Taking Action to Reduce Stress

We're all familiar with stress. We know the symptoms; headaches, stomach upset, sleepless nights, irritability. And we know the causes; marital problems, job issues, parenting challenges oh, and I almost forgot a crashing stock market, a failing economy and a rapidly disappearing faith in a financially secure future. ...more