More Groovy Service Acts at Service Nation Summit: Senator Chris Dodd's Semester of Service and Encore Service Act

"It is time to establish our collective responsibility," --Senator Chris Dodd. ...more

Love Thy Neighbor: Governor David Patterson at the Presidential Forum on Service

Seeing the Presidential candidates at the Presidential Forum on Service at the Service Nation Summit was thrilling, but I think my favorite speaker last night was New York Governor David Patterson. He wasn't afraid to get spiritual and address our interconnectednes saying: ...more

Thought you might enjoy seeing neighborliness in action around the Octamom place...


September 11th Presidential Forum on Service

They are both nice men. It seems like an obvious observation, but it was the main thing I took away from the Presidential Forum on Service at the Service Nation Summit last night. Of course you have to have an ego to run for President, but I didn't feel like that was either of the candidates' core motivations, which is refreshing. It's sad though, that they both could only take the gloves off because it was September 11th, like going to church once a year at Christmas. ...more

Being the Media at the Service Nation Summit Sept. 11 & 12

It's not often that a little do-good blogger like myself gets invited to cover a big 'ole event, but I am! ...more

Cosmopolitan Ghana - the Accra of today

The Accra I met more than a decade ago, on my arrival in Ghana was a crowded, hot humid yet dusty hive of activity. For the naïve volunteer set, of which I was a gold star member, it was an overwhelming sense of the absoluteness of cultural difference. There was nothing remotely familiar and we basked in the alien experience. ...more

Couple to wed at playground build

On Saturday, the 99th Operation Playground playground build in Picayune, Miss. will feature something unique amid the flurry of equipment-assembly and mulch-hauling: a wedding! Chris Utter will wed Roxie Zortman on Build Day. “They said they’d stop the build at 10 a.m. for five minutes” for the wedding, said Chris with a laugh. “We’re helping build after that.” ...more

Dear Puppy: Saying good-bye to a foster pet

This is one of those letters parents write to their children when they're small and unreasonable, so when they get a little older, they'll understand the cruel and usual punishments of parenthood, and that they were loved and/or tolerated regardless. Writing letters also helps parents sort through stockpiled last straws, and remember that there are cleaner and calmer days to come. Probably, anyway. At worst, documentation will help doctors pinpoint exactly when things started to go wrong. ...more

Celebrate National Volunteer Week April 27-May 3

Some of my favorite things I've done have been as a volunteer. Before I started working for myself, I used to volunteer in a community garden for People's Grocery. I volunteered in the classroom for Streetside Stories before I worked for them. ...more

Once Upon a School: Help Dave Eggers' TED Wish Come True

"Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth."--Helen Caldicott ...more

Volunteer Your Kids

As I always do, well just about every morning, around 0230 this morning I tumbled out of bed to find my way to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. ...more