Put Your Heart on Your Head on 2015

  The way I see it you need to have your heart on your head or on your sleeve or someplace where you can lay your hands on it fast. These days, it's not enough to have your head in the game. Your heart needs to be there, too.One by one and as a society, we need to have more 'people are hurting, it doesn't have to be this way, we need to do something' thinking and less fiscal analysis, cost-benefit equations, and philosophical posturing....more

Giving Feels Good (Even in July)

Are you overwhelmed with "volunteer opportunities" this time of year? (These are the cards my 6yo made to hand out to the residents of an elder care home.)...more

Friday Catch Up

This past week has been continued catch up of school work, with an upswing. I'm unofficially finished 1 of my courses, which leaves 5 more to complete. End date is December 16th, and I'm doing my best to finish before then. It's been long days and nights but I'm doing my best to plough through, so I can have one less weight upon my shoulders. Breathing room, or grieving room, which I can not do right now. I need to finish all of my courses with great marks. Passing, no matter how bad the circumstances, is not good enough for me....more

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Volunteer

Have you ever stopped to consider how many of the events you attend are planned or staffed by volunteers?...more

How to survive a school field trip...

It’s been over two weeks since my last post.  This marks the longest time between posts I’ve ever had since the beginning of my blog.  I had a very good reason for this and it wasn’t that I was sick or on vacation or pregnant or moving.  Those events are nothing compared to what I had to do.I was on a school field trip....more

A Day In The Life of a "Stay At Home" Mom

Ever wanted to peek in on the life of another mom and see what her day is really like?Yeah, me too!Here's a little glimpse into my day: {read more ...}...more

In the Muck: Volunteering Adventures with my Teenage Son

Like many parents, I’m often on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer with my kids.  I try to find things that are going to be somewhat fun, so that even if they are not hugely engaged with the cause itself they’ll have a positive experience....more
I love that you're getting him involved at this age. I go rounds with my teens (15 & 13) about ...more

An Unfamiliar World - Volume 2 - The First Night

I am sitting in a room that has no windows. Well I guess there are windows on one wall, but they just look out into the next room, which has no windows. In this room you don’t know if it’s night or day.  You can’t tell what time it is because there is nothing on the walls, not even a clock. The only furniture in the room are plastic chairs....more

An Unfamiliar World

I step out of the car in the dark. I look around for a parking meter and then remember it’s after six and I don’t have to pay. I approach the building with a bit of nervous tension. I am out of my environment, out of my comfort zone....more

The Dancer

He tipped his hat, let it roll down his arm, put it back on his head. He was on the floor and then back up again, moving with nimble grace. An appreciative semi-circle gathered , cheering him on, watching him dance.We had helped him to pick out the suit he was wearing. Who knew that he would be looking this good, three hours later? In silhouette, he recalled Michael Jackson in his heyday. He tipped his hat as he walked past us. The jacket sat perfectly on his slim shoulders.Who knew that he would be sleeping on the streets three hours from now?...more