How Kids Can Give Back and Have Fun

During the holidays, children are primarily focused on what they’re going to get for Christmas. What will Santa bring? Will I get bigger gifts than my friends? But it’s important to instill a sense of giving early on with children....more

Doing Good Feels Good

This post first appeared on That Was Then | This Is Wow  I'm very excited. I just sent off the first draft of a Pro Bono logo design project to my non-profit clients. I sent several versions of the vertical version and the horizontal version of their special edition logo, to commemorate their 5th anniversary....more

The Art of Giving

These Volunteers Prove That a Bucket, Some Elbow Grease and Can Make a Big Difference after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, relief efforts were underway almost immediately....more

3 Reasons to Not Have Sympathy for Sandy Victims

Maybe it’s just semantics to some, maybe I’m splitting hairs but I have a real beef with the idea of being sympathetic. In my mind, and I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s just me, sympathy is both passive and selfish....more