Did you make someone happy today.?

It's been a while, sitting behind a keyboard and typing what my heart says. This blog is 1 year old now. I thank everyone of you for visiting and reading my little scribbles in the cyberspace.   In this post I would like to address our very own dark places, little snags along the way. We all have our own set of problems. We carry that sac every day upgrading it with a new set of problems. At the same time every one of us think that we are the ones carrying the heaviest load whereas that’s the smallest in the world.  If worries and happiness came in separate packages, what would you choose.? You even have the chance to sign up for both packages… ...more

From Volunteer to Kim Kardashian

 Not a picture of @Ryan_A_Bell....more

How Kids Can Give Back and Have Fun

During the holidays, children are primarily focused on what they’re going to get for Christmas. What will Santa bring? Will I get bigger gifts than my friends? But it’s important to instill a sense of giving early on with children....more

Doing Good Feels Good

This post first appeared on That Was Then | This Is Wow  I'm very excited. I just sent off the first draft of a Pro Bono logo design project to my non-profit clients. I sent several versions of the vertical version and the horizontal version of their special edition logo, to commemorate their 5th anniversary....more

These Volunteers Prove That a Bucket, Some Elbow Grease and Can Make a Big Difference after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, relief efforts were underway almost immediately....more

3 Reasons to Not Have Sympathy for Sandy Victims

Maybe it’s just semantics to some, maybe I’m splitting hairs but I have a real beef with the idea of being sympathetic. In my mind, and I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s just me, sympathy is both passive and selfish....more