A Rose in Bloom

For the past few years, as gray strands have started to pepper my hairline and I’ve discovered I can throw out my shoulder just by reaching for the remote, I’ve become more and more aware of my own eventual expiry date. My impending finale is there – dark and omnipresent – shouting at me through every panic-inducing tick of my clock’s second hand. “I’ll never get this second back. Oh God, now I’ll never get THAT second back. Holy Christ, I will never get all of the time back that I wasted by thinking about wasting time!”  ...more

Parent Volunteering: FAQs, Phobias, and Freakouts

If you have kids in school or activities, chances are you’ve already been asked to Volunteer. And if you haven’t been asked to Volunteer yet, chances are you will be. Should you? Could you? Why would you? Listen, I’ve been a Girl Scout leader, an elementary school room parent, a Soccer Mom, a Lunch Bunch monitor, a Book Buddy, and I’m currently the Test Chair for a local skating club. (The duties of Test Chair are similar to those of a military commander planning the invasion and occupation of a small country, except with more sequins, tango music, and twizzles.) In other words, I'm nuts and need to get a life. In spite of that, I’m going to address the most pressing questions and qualms parents have when it comes to volunteering. You’re welcome....more

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I am an 84 year old widow, working on a 100. ...more

Food and Beads

In my world, Food and Beads are inextricably linked. Both are creative outlets, and each supports the other. Although I've tried, I can't eliminate either of them. They are Soul Mates who thrive in each other's company, and wilt when left on their own. I get it now. Took me long enough. ...more

The Gift Gap

(Guest Post by Catherine Whitworth, MPA)Some time ago, my husband Steve and I served as Peace Corps volunteers in the enchanting Central American country ofGuatemala.  It is often said that Peace Corps volunteers gain more than they contribute in the countries where they live and work.  Some of the most important lessons I have learned in my life were from the children ofGuatemala.  One child, Maria, who visited us frequently, taught me the true meaning of giving.   Maria was 12 years old when we met.  She was ...more

Before I Volunteer Again

My friend sent me this the other day:  Does she know me well, or what?!Funny thing is that it came the day after I had said “no” to something and lived through it.Well, several somethings in fact....more

Yes, I can't say no.

I think I have a problem.I can’t say “no.”  Well, that’s not true.  I can say no, but I don’t do it a lot.Ok, that’s not really true either.  I do say no, a lot – in my own house.  But outside of my house?  Not so much.I don’t say no, I say yes.  I say yes to fighting breast cancer.  I say yes to the PTA.  I say yes to the church.  I say yes to Girl Scouts, over and over again....more

The 5 Reasons I Volunteer

 Two and a half years ago I decided volunteering and giving back to the community might help me acquire more balance in my often-frantic and frequently unbalanced life of corporate employee, single parent, homeowner, pet guardian and all of the other roles I fulfill....more
I seriously heart that. Bravo to all the volunteers out there, you ARE what makes a community a ...more

You Said WHAT About Me on Facebook?!

When my son started school, I was all set to join the PTA.  But I went to one meeting and it basically it scarred me for life. The women that are the top of the food chain basically tore people apart behind their backs if you disagreed with them.My neighbor is the worst offender. She volunteers and complains constantly about it. So last week, she was again complaining and I asked her, "Why do you do it then?"  An hour later, she posted on Facebook, "A parent at our school approached me today and asked why I volunteer." Then she went on to say how she does it for her children, the community, etc.The problem is that all the responses that followed were like,  "What kind of parent would ask something like that?", "A parent like that will only give their time if they can get something out of it" and "I can't believe a parent would ask you that!" She really made me look bad. She made me look like I was against volunteering. I was shocked.I'm rarely on Facebook so I think that's why she posted it there. I'm not sure how to handle. ...more
I'm with Kelcey 99 percent. The writer's neighbor lives in a negative sphere; the woman who ...more

Certified Pre-Owned Cat adoption event and BAKE SALE

Since Wednesday 14th September 2011 until the 21st, the Irvine Animal Care Center is running its second Annual Certified Pre-Owned Adoption event. During this time, the shelter offers a reduced price on all its current cats and kittens, with further promotions on different breeds every day. ...more