You Said WHAT About Me on Facebook?!

When my son started school, I was all set to join the PTA.  But I went to one meeting and it basically it scarred me for life. The women that are the top of the food chain basically tore people apart behind their backs if you disagreed with them.My neighbor is the worst offender. She volunteers and complains constantly about it. So last week, she was again complaining and I asked her, "Why do you do it then?"  An hour later, she posted on Facebook, "A parent at our school approached me today and asked why I volunteer." Then she went on to say how she does it for her children, the community, etc.The problem is that all the responses that followed were like,  "What kind of parent would ask something like that?", "A parent like that will only give their time if they can get something out of it" and "I can't believe a parent would ask you that!" She really made me look bad. She made me look like I was against volunteering. I was shocked.I'm rarely on Facebook so I think that's why she posted it there. I'm not sure how to handle. ...more
I'm with Kelcey 99 percent. The writer's neighbor lives in a negative sphere; the woman who ...more

Certified Pre-Owned Cat adoption event and BAKE SALE

Since Wednesday 14th September 2011 until the 21st, the Irvine Animal Care Center is running its second Annual Certified Pre-Owned Adoption event. During this time, the shelter offers a reduced price on all its current cats and kittens, with further promotions on different breeds every day. ...more

Oldest Volunteering, School Stuff

  So my olderest daughter might be volunteering at our local YMCA in daycare. I think this could be good for her if she gets it. She only 12 going to be 13 in Jan. so not to sure if they will let her, but she did fill out forum and they did tell her she was first one to turn hers in so she has a good chance of getting it. I hope so, she needs more things to keep her busy so she not wanting to run around town to much since there isn't a whole lot to do in our town this be good for her....more

Celebrating Volunteers: Roberta Romero

I’m sure that you have met many people through the years that have made doing good and volunteering an intrinsic part of their lives for altruistic reasons.  Well, I think they deserve all the praise and recognition we can give them. As a society, we sure do seem to write about celebrities and sports figures as if they are contributing something valuable to the greater good or social change; this is just wrong. We are celebrating celebrity over substance and work that is really going to make a difference in the lives of others....more

No Good is too Small

Social Comparison – Let’s talk about it…   I was recently speaking with an animal rescuer who thought she wasn’t very “good” because she had only rescued and found homes for 12 dogs recently.  That means 12 animals that might have died in a shelter have permanent loving homes now.  This blew me away- what could be a greater accomplishment than this?  However, I know the feeling- when I look at the accomplishments, scope, or resources of some innovative social entrepreneurs or nonprofit organizations I sometimes feel like I could never accomplish such fe...more


I’ve never worked a casino before.  Not for the community league, not for the playschool, not for anyone.  I don’t gamble.  And I prefer to forget about the tight, dark faces of the ones who lose too much – or the ones who take it all.  I don’t like to be up all night.  I don’t like being managed.  (I’m self-employed for a reason.)  I was sure I wouldn’t like working casinos, so I always refused to do it....more Online Volunteering (For Busy People!)

Another great idea from the Web 2.0 era. I have been reading about, an online microvolunteer effort that connects busy people with worthy causes....more

make a wish … an affair of the heart

i have been thinking about volunteering for a long time. it had to be something that didn’t cost a lot of any money, because we all know i’m pretty much broke most of the time. also, i couldn’t imagine doing something with animals. while i LOVE them, i just know i couldn’t handle walking them for a shelter or anything like that ’cause i’d end up wanting to take all of them home. i also thought about reading/studying with kids or maybe grocery shopping/hanging out/entertaining older people....more

Find Your Butterfly Effect: E+Co

Introducing E+Co...more

I Double Dog Dare You