6 Ways to Encourage Kids to be Future Donors and Volunteers

  Photo Credit: Ari Moore ...more

Now Recruiting for Fall Coaches! Join Girls For A Change in helping to change the lives of girls!

Now Recruiting for Fall! Join us in helping to change the lives of girls! Girls For A Change (GFC) is a national organization that empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social change. GFC provides girls with professional female role models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communities. ...more

Ooh, Ooh, That Smell... I Can Smell That Smell

I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Well, actually, it's Kosher Meals On Wheels. Aren't I altruistic, fabulous and riotous? I know, I think so too. I began my journey towards sainthood, (or mitzvaland) about two months ago and I love it. I deliver on Monday's and the people that I've met are truly wonderful and they're a constant reminder never to get old! Holy crap, that is not pretty....more

Earth Monkey Mom of the Month! Do you know someone who deserves this title?


My closet runneth over

This weekend, I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work with a group of women from my church. Our service was to go to a local women and children's shelter and host a Valentine's brunch and party for the residents....more

The HOPE Survey

I was lucky enough to participate in the HOPE Survey this year – or The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate. Basically, it’s a survey done by the Department of Homeless Services in NYC that counts the number of homeless people living in every borough of the city. Volunteers sign up for different areas and then just walk the streets/public spaces to ask every person if they want to take a survey on their housing situation. The results are used for evaluation and programming purposes to further help NYC’s homeless population....more

I'm Sort of Connected to a Nobel Peace Prize

Today I found out that a charity I have volunteered with for the last two years has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. WOW. I am so thrilled with this news! Wings of Hope is a truly wonderful organization that deserves all of the attention and honor this nomination brings. They are on a short list of 150 nominees, and I sincerely hope that they are awarded the prize in September....more

Introducing Public School to Social Media

I'm on my way to a PTSA meeting to passionately discuss my obsession with bringing PTSA Parent Teacher Collaboration online:I’m working on an ebook at: “KristinBennett.com” to describe how to create a site like this for your school covering the following: 1.) Why would we want a website? -Increase overall parent involvement (especially parents that aren’t able attend meetings) -Increase fundraising opportunities across the school...more

Volunteering in Windsor

Confession: I regret that for many years now I haven't offered my time and talents as a volunteer to a non-profit community organization here in Victoria. ...more

Meeting friends

I've been giving some thought as to how I'll go about meeting people and making new friends once we've moved to Windsor, and thought I'd do a bit of a braindump here so as to remember some of the ideas I've come up with. ...more