Learning To Pick My Battles

Often, I share about my grandfather (Daddy) and the love he showed his grandchildren. He really was a good man. He was not perfect by any means but he did not waiver on things that were out of sync with doing what was right when no one was around to see. One of his favorite sayings was “fair is fair”. Those words were usually followed up by “ball or strike”. One day, I am going to write a book about his poetic sayings....more

Social Media- A Day of Opportunity

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team ...more

Event Chair Matrix - Worker Bee to Diva

When it comes to chairing an event in the world of volunteer fundraising, it's no question it takes a certain type of dedicated character who can pull off a successful event. The responsibility of managing committees, budgets, vendors, marketing, and all else in between requires an individual who can demonstrate leadership while being a team player. ...more

Vivanista is the go-to community for philanthropic living and giving. Come visit, let us know if ...more

Women Inside Haiti's Hospital

Day six: Because of a Haitian government directive, we now have to abandon our plans to continue to provide care in the massive sheet cities. We're a team of Bay Area healthcare providers, and this is my first ever relief work. When we worked in the sheet cities during the last days, I'd been amazed at the women of Haiti, amazed at both their suffering, and their strength. ...more

As I read your piece I could not contain my tears. I am so humbled by your devotion, empathy and ...more

Is the Junior League relevant?

As volunteer groups diversify with the addition of men and fundraising goes viral with the click of a key, where does that leave female-only charitable organizations like the Junior League?  Founded over a hundred years ago by young debutantes with time on their hands, its relevance is called into question in this age of equal pay, mommy-blogs and hip young professionals flocking to Arts organizations. ...more

Tick... Impact your life

Tick. Time passes as one sits waiting on what to do next. They think to them selves that they need to get out, that they want to help and do something great in the world. "How?" they ask them selves.Tick. Another moment passes, and they move on to the next thought that goes through their mind....more

Journey Through the Peace Corps: "Are People Poor in Africa?"

by Alice Pettway The continuation of Alice Pettway's chronicle of her service in the Peace Corps in Mozambique. For previous installments, click here....more

Journey Through the Peace Corps: Letters from Mozambique

by Alice Pettway...more

The Gift of Giving All Year Round - Making a Difference in Someone's Life

At this time of the year, you see so many gracious and kind hearted people volunteering to raise money for so many organizations that help the poor, sick and needy worldwide.Whether I go grocery shopping or to the mall, I recognize the same faces each year....more

Breakfast at St. John the Divine

What: Serving breakfast to homeless and hungry ...more