Journey Through the Peace Corps: Letters from Mozambique

by Alice Pettway...more

The Gift of Giving All Year Round - Making a Difference in Someone's Life

At this time of the year, you see so many gracious and kind hearted people volunteering to raise money for so many organizations that help the poor, sick and needy worldwide.Whether I go grocery shopping or to the mall, I recognize the same faces each year....more

Breakfast at St. John the Divine

What: Serving breakfast to homeless and hungry ...more

You know you're a diehard parent volunteer when...

  You know you’re a diehard parent volunteer when you know all your school’s teachers by name. ...more

The Empty Suitcase: A Journey into the Peace Corps

Trading a carob energy bar for your best friend’s onion rings isn’t an easy task at seven. Neither is explaining why you don’t have cable or air conditioning at your house. ...more

US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Pt. 2

PART TWO OF MY INTERVIEW WITH WENDIE WENDT. YOU CAN ALSO READ THIS TWO PART SERIES AT TIMEFINDERS MAGAZINE - WORLDLY WOMEN COLUMN: Why do you believe it is important for women to be informed about world issues? ...more

Volunteering Can Transform Your Life

About 12 years ago my life hit a rough patch. I was in a job that wasn't using my skills, and wasn't going anywhere. My boyfriend had broken up with me. Turning 30 wasn't far away. I wasn't feeling so hot. I started volunteering at a San Francisco based arts education organization, Streetside Stories. The program teaches autobiographical writing in Bay Area public schools using storytelling (oral, written, digital). ...more

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A Day of Service in the Garden

In 1994, Congress declared that Martin Luther King holiday should become a National Day of Service.  This year, spurred on by President-elect Obama's call to service, this became the most active volunteer day in the holiday's 14 year history. Did you heed the call?  I did. As a member of Citizen Hope, I was offered four different volunteer opportunities, but how could I not choose to work at a school farm in an economically challenged part of the region?  ...more

That is so cool that you did that, Deb. Not only did you do something worthwhile, but it sounds ...more

Teach Your Kids About Martin

Ways the whole family can observe Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday -Myrna Blyth and Chriss Winston, ...more

More than ever! The best Christmas in lean times.

I've been concerned for my dear boy who has it in his head that he must live in a house with no heat (too expensive), with roommates, transferring to a new college and looking for a job and finishing up his semester and final exams here in Sac all at the same time.  Mom isn't around to help out and with the economy and jobs the way they're going, I can't do a lot financially either.  Boy do I feel hopeless sometimes. He's excited to be living the grown up life.  Welcome to the real world, kind of living.  Yeah it hits like a ton of bricks.  So as a ...more