Oh No - She Did NOT Just Say That!

Darcy Perdu of www.sothenstories.comSo then…Janice, the Cast Mom for the 8th Grade production of “Annie,” asks for volunteers to work the 4 show nights – snack bar, ticket takers, congratulations telegrams and so on.  I don’t know her that well, so I’m a little surprised when the emails take a strange turn…Cast Parents:...more

Off to the Polls!

Ag-h-h-h!Running out the door to the polls. Serving as an Election Judge. Was there until 10:00pm setting up. (who knew I'd have to do THAT?) Have to be back this morning at 6:00am. Hopefully, I'll be back tonight in time to post, but if not...... THIS COUNTS, NaBloPoMo! :) ...more
@Cindyhuber Yay! It counts! Thank you for the warm thoughts, Cindy! It was quite an experience. ...more

For the Love of Hockey! Give Our Volunteers Respect!

My children have a strong love for hockey and they look forward to it at the start of every September. They lace up their skates and hit the ice for hockey evaluations. Hockey evaluations are necessary to the sport to ensure your child is tiered on the right team so they have enough challenge, improve their skills, and guarantees they are not always that one player sitting on the bench. ...more
We, too, experienced similar situations, but in bowling. And then I've seen it recently when my ...more

Dog Fair Vet: My Hero

Some dogs never get a chance to strut their stuff. She decided to organize a community dog fair. There dogs of all breeds and conditions could compete and be adored. It worked, dogs of every variety attended. At one event there was a blind malamute, a deaf chocolate Labrador and a three legged poodle. The categories ranged from “meat head”, to “most like owner”. to “most impervious to human commands”. to “Most like a movie mutt” and “vet's favorite”....more
@Denise Denise drop by next Friday I will have another one for you. I am showcasing ...more

Amazing Women Don't Wait to Inspire

Do-Gooder Spotlight:  Christina Shin and Vegan Off the Leash In a previous post, I wrote about how no good is too small and that even the perceived small things we do should be regarded as accomplishments.  This also holds true for people who are just starting their path towards helping the greater good.  In my experience, it seems that we tend to wait until we do something “really big” until we put it out into the world....more

Seeking Women Volunteers - Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, CA

Girls For A Change (GFC) is a national organization that empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social change. GFC provides girls with professional female role models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communities. ...more

A Church Fail?

I'm noticing something interesting lately and I'm not really sure exactly what I think about it, but I'd love to get some discussion going around here. I think it's a bit of a big topic and that there are going to major underlying issues that led to what I'm noticing now. I'd say what's got my attention is symptoms of something bigger that I don't quite have my finger on yet.So let's get started.What I'm noticing is a certain disconnect in the land of Christianity, or at least modern American church Christianity....more

Everything Changes When You Volunteer with Your Kids

By volunteering together, my daughter learned more than what it means to care for a newborn. She learned how helping others can be transformative. She developed confidence in herself and her abilities. She encouraged a few of her friends to join her and demonstrated leadership by advising the other teen sitters. I appreciated the interaction she had with the older teen moms from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. I noticed the way my daughter felt needed, that her efforts were valued. ...more

I love volunteering with my kids -- I get to do something for others AND enjoy the best gift, ...more

On Behalf of my Fellow Katrina Survivors, "THANK YOU!"

For years I had been wanting to write this post, but I never could get it out. Although I was overwhelmingly thankful to everyone who was there for us, I still had a lot of pain in my heart about the whole Katrina situation. I didn't know how to say "Thank you" without feeling like I was pardoning the people who hurt us; The ones who in 2007 made horrible posters for the ...more

Journey's Hope for Hope

      Oblivious to the wind chill, heat, rain, snow and holiday preparations they travel. There are no brats, hamburgers, nachos, grills or beer when they meet and they have no team colors. They travel the miles up and down the interstates and back roads to pick up and deliver their cargo. Unlike the postal service their hours are not set and their deliveries require 24/7 care and handling. Their work has no 401k, no paycheck, no benefits or time off. They go when called sacrificing their weekends, holidays and time to rest from their full time jobs....more