Dear Demon Volvo,

Dear Demon Volvo, ...more

How times change: A trip out West

Blimey. How times change. I have just got back from a weekend visit with my old university chum, Andy 'Poops' Cooper, his partner Chris, and son Oliver. I invented the nickname Poops, and you have got to say it quickly in conjunction with his surname to get the comedy effect. Poops doesn't like it though, and it makes him go all sweary. ...more

How Much Car Tech is Too Much?

Last week we talked about ways women like to be pampered in the car.  This week I wonder how much is too much? ...more

Best Ways to be Pampered in your Car

Some of the BlogHer women were discussing recently whether we tend to be the ones who get spoiled, or whether we are the ones who do the actual spoiling. So the question was asked "Is it better to be spoiled than to spoil others?" ...more


Ford Motor Company is sure making many new improvements in Creature Comforts for ...more