my daughter threw up in my shower cap: a haiku

because my daughterthrew up in my shower capthis day is over. #thatactuallyhappened#germs#goodnight#gotheefftosleep#istillloveyouDoctor. Lawyer. Black. Feminist. Scholar. Mommy. Wife . Bipolar survivor. Friend. Lover. Human. Child of God. ...more
Hah. Oops. Sorry. lolmore

10 things for your car's vomit kit

 Vomit kit? It just sounds fun, doesn’t it? Nobody likes vomit; not the person getting sick and especially not the person cleaning it up. And it feels 10 times worse when it’s your poor baby getting sick in the car. Being a mom of two kids, I can now say that I have treaded the waters of cleaning up after unexpected sickness while on the road....more

Why Saying You Love Everything About Motherhood Is a Big, Fat Lie

I’ve told my sweet princess I love everything about motherhood so many times.  Well, guess what?  I admitted to her yesterday that sometimes Mom lies.While I do love being that child’s mom and am convinced I was created especially for the job, I most certainly found a part of it that I hate…Cleaning up vomit....more

12 Lessons I Learned During the Vomit Vortex of 2014

Lets start with the fact that I have two kids who have never thrown up (Girl is 3 and a half and Boy is 2 and a half).That was a true statement until yesterday.Recently I stated several times aloud to people in conversation that 'My kids have never thrown up.  Knock on Wood'.  I know now that this is the equivalent of Virginia Madsen saying "Candyman" three times in succession in the mirror.  I even jokingly threw out Jerry's quote from Seinfeld: "Vomit-free since '83"....more

Wrapping it Up

I cannot be the only one…who managed to fit in at least two weeks worth of work, chores, holiday to do’s, and family drama all in one week. I am not sad to see last week go, but before I kick it on it’s backside on the way out, I offer you this weekly wrap up....more

So Proud...

This is what my son wrote for his paragraph in the family Christmas letter.  He’s 13.“Last summer I went to camp where we had a storm with no rain because the drops evaporated before they hit the ground.  However, the lightening caused a wildfire, and we had to evacuate.  We were relocated to a small room, which is always the best place to go in a fire.  Everyone knew exactly what they were doing. ...more

Thankful for Vomiting Children (Two Days BEFORE Our Flight)

Vomiting children doesn't make for the most pleasant Saturday, but I tell ya - I am THANKFUL.  They've got the stomach bug and I am thanking our lucky stars that the kiddos are sick today (and probably tomorrow) and not two days from now when we board a full day of planes to go visit family....more

Fun Friendly Phobic Fact Friday!

Houseflies enjoy dining on garbage, manure, or rotting flesh. They vomit on their meal and suck it up like a vacuum to ingest it. Then they seek out their next meal, vomiting again (including bits of their last treasure), on whatever they land on. Then they eat it again. They leave behind bits of their last disgusting meal wherever else they land (your table, your arm, your sandwich), along with tiny housefly bum-bum germs. Also, the dirty spots you see on windows? Those are often the fly's vomit, which can carry germs that spread diseases....more

101 Ways for an OCDer to Enjoy a State Fair.

So after my poor tot woke up sick, saying she had a tickle in her throat, she spent the early morning coughing and sneezing right and left, with a runny nose. This went on for like two hours, and then, voila, gone. We wondered, "Was this Sudden Onset Allergies?" It was weird. She seemed all better.So after a very rough start to the day, when she seemed totally back to normal, we carried out our original plan of going to the fair!...more