6 Things You Didn’t Notice Because of this Godforsaken Election

First, let me just say, this is far from a comprehensive list.  This is meant to be a mere taste of some of the things we missed because of this embarrassment of an election stealing all our attention.Please don’t get mad at me for leaving anything out, because I fully realize I left a TON of things out…this is just a sample.  Also I’m not that great at keeping up with it all so please don’t get mad at me for that either. ...more

VOTY 2014 Submission - The Idol.

Dance classes began,When I was four years old.My sister and I, Both took lessons.We continued the lessons, Right into high school.The classes evolved, Into so much more....more

2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

Voting is totally sexy. Go out get your vote on!...more

A Little Bit Political

I almost forgot that today is election day. Not because I haven't been thinking about the election (I have). Not because I don't care about the election (I do). In fact, I already voted, by absentee ballot, last week. I almost forgot simply because we're at the Farm since last Wednesday night. When we're here, I have a very hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is. So I forgot, briefly, that today is Tuesday. The Tuesday....more

Hawaii Time. Out of Control? Go Vote!

Hawaii TimeFour lives or so ago I spent the month of January “studying” in Hawaii. My Minnesota college group attended classes for two weeks at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, one week at Brigham Young University—Hawaii, and the final week at the beautiful, secluded Makapala Retreat Center on the northwest tip of the Big Island. I learned there nothing starts on time....more


I Voted today!  I've never voted early!  I've always been skeptical of the process, unsure if my vote would really COUNT.Well, after working at one of the campaign headquarters, I realized that my efforts could be better served in another capacity on that day... and since I have the time available I decided to VOTE!On the day of November 6, I will volunteer in some way to help others evoke their right to VOTE!...more

Your Vote for Climate Stability

After Sandy, there really is no doubt that unprecedented storms are becoming more frequent. Don't waste your vote on a candidate that is not even talking about our climate and environmental changes. Our rainforests are what stabilizes our global climate. The severity of these storms is affected by global pollution and the destruction of the rainforest. Look to third party candidates on the ballot to call attention to climate change. http://amazonwatch.org/about/contact...more

Top Five Battleground States for 2012

And now for the most interesting part of presidential campaigns - predicting the winners of the closely watched and eternally catered-to swing states.  While states with long-standing political leanings like Massachusetts (Democrat), Texas (Republican), Illinois (Chicago), and Wyoming (Cheney and his neighbors) have already been written off by pundits, a host of other states' electoral votes are up for grabs in November.  Here's my top five picks (with Pennsylvania and Florida close behind)....more
I love how the GOP is spinning the results already. Saying they may lose because of Hurricane ...more