Protect Your Voting Rights on November 6

As I write this, millions of people in the US and Caribbean are struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. While some people are searching for missing loved ones, burying their dead, and trying to pump millions of gallons of seawater out of subway tunnels, U.S. election officials are trying to ensure that next Tuesday's presidential election will occur as planned, and that absentee and early voting ballots will get counted. ...more
Thank you both for your comments. Yes, Maria, it does seem that we are being forced to defend ...more

The Main Event - Florida 2012

 Batten down the hatches, election fans. We’re going to have another fight in Florida. If you enjoyed the 2000 election in which the Presidency was decided on the weight of just a few hundred votes, you are sure to be tickled by what comes next in the Sunshine State. ...more

Fraud or Not?

There are so many accusations these days against ACORN that they've committed voter fraud, but is it really?  To commit voter fraud, one must actually try to vote and present documentation at the polls as someone else.  Has anyone done this?  Not so far. ...more

Can Twitter Save Democracy?