California Leads, But Ohio Rules: How I Saw the Election in Ohio

I spent the last two weeks before the election campaigning for President Obama in my hometown of Cincinnati (that’s the southern-most “C” city in Ohio – i.e. not Cleveland or Columbus), in Hamilton County. What would make me leave the 60-degree comfort of life in California to stand out in the cold of Cincinnati as polls opened at dawn? It was nerve-wracking, fun, and inspiring....more
so shocking to read..i voted in britain on thursday and we have a very simple system, it took me ...more

Regular Voting Irregularities?

If problems with voting machines and tricks by one party to keep people of another party from voting happen in every election, at what point do we stop calling them "irregularities?" ...more

A lot of people are going to be keeping an eye on the polls on Election Day.  I'm ...more

W&W: Can Netroots Entertainers Galvanize Youth Vote?

So if the financial market doesn't implode first, the media may just explode in anticipation before Thursday's VP debate. Are expectations so low at this point that Sarah Palin wins just by showing up and sounding intelligent? ...more