Say What? "American Voters Don't Like Older Women"

Why should I care?Why am I letting it bother me that I heard yet another conversation telling me older women are distasteful and irrelevant?The source of the specious judgment was a commentator I formerly admired, Melissa Harris-Perry, age 39, educated in my home state at venerable North Carolina colleges Wake Forest and Duke University. She’s a professor of political science at Tulane University in New Orleans....more
@Kraken I thought I would have calmed down about the whole thing, but the comment is still ...more

Pelosi and Sharpton - Being Equal-er

 It wasn’t that long ago…maybe eight week…when we learned that the Democrats were taking part in a workshop to practice making “race” an issue in this election. I guess it worked. ...more

The price tag on Democracy

Just one potential problem with like quite a bit remaining invested on political political election promotion is that it might prevent anybody who is not really a millionaire from managing regarding public company. For example, the vast majority of 2012 Republican presidential candidates usually are the guru's.Though national politics has got got into the world wide web having both your feet, it still features outstanding issues. Let's most anticipation this could be sorted out prior to expense of politics effects our own freedoms....more

Palin Helping Swing State Numbers

About a week ago, I described in one of my comments about a conversation with my lifelong Republican mom who lives in SW Virginia which had me picking my jaw up off of the floor in disbelief. ...more

Loving mother or appalling ambition?

Bristol's pregnancy isn't the appalling part of this situation; she isn't the first young girl to have made a poor choice and been "caught" and she certainly won't be the last. What I so find appalling is her mother's behavior. ...more


On the media-whipped PUMA phenom & a one-word directive: CHILL

I like Rebecca Traister's piece on the Party Unity My Ass loyalists in Salon very much but I love this woman. The setting: ...more


How many male politicians do you think are burning their little black books and expunging e-mails today, as another of their brotherhood bites the dust from his own lack of zipper control? We have way too much information about John Edwards and his self-described narcissism. Clearly, like any good lawyer, John Edwards can look us straight in the eye and lie like a rug, as he did initially about his affair with Rielle Hunter. ...more

I love the title of this post so I had to come check it out. I agree with you completely that ...more

Are Reproductive Rights Not an Important Issue to Women in this Election Year?

Dr. George Tiller is a saint. Despite three decades of harassment - legal and illegal, such as when someone shot him in both arms, Dr. Tiller continues to provide abortions for women carrying severely damaged fetuses or whose lives are endangered by their pregnancies. Like Dr. Tiller, Dr. Bernard Slepian and Dr. David Gunn are heroes, too. ...more

I think people hear that he is a "maverick" and make assumptions based on that. Like, he (used ...more


Pennsylvania was clearly going to be either the semi-finals or the finals in this game. Looks like the semi-finals are headed into overtime. And that's a good thing. In the pre-internet old days of backroom politics, the party powerful would long ago have taken these two candidates into the proverbial smoke-filled room and knocked heads together until they struck some kind of  deal that resolved which one would be the party’s nominee.  ...more