On Being a Voter

I feel as passionately as anyone, and possibly more so than many, about the upcoming elections. But I promised myself that on the occasion of my very first post as a BlogHer Contributing Editor in the Election 08 category, I would not mention the names of any of the presidential or vice presidential candidates. ...more

I haven't always voted, and I've felt plenty guilty about it because for an African-American ...more

Native Americans and the 2008 election

According to the 2000 Census, Native Americans are only 1.5 percent of the US population, but their participation in this year's presidential election might be especially important. American Indians are a critical voting bloc in several swing states, according to a recent study. ...more

I'm hooked on a radio program called Native America Calling. It's a call-in talk show on public ...more

Hillary Clinton is a Vote-for-Me-Activist

Hillary Clinton is a Vote-for-Me Activist ...more

KS-02: Jim Ryun Source of Caging

Crossposted to EDC I just had to tell ya'll about this because its something that makes me crazy. Last year around Christmas time - the Kansas GOP sent out what I'm sure they thought was a normal everyday fundraising email. What they mistakenly did was talk about all the great work they are doing and talked about their Vote Caging program. ...more

The Crisis in Kenya -- Searching for Understanding and Hope

Since Dec. 27, when Kenya's president Mwai Kibaki was pronounced the winner of a widely-disputed election, violent clashes have killed as many as 360 and displaced at 250,000 more, according to reported United Nations estimates. While the crisis has not claimed the kind of Western press attention given to the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Kenya's stability is important not only for African development, but for international security. ...more

Thanks, Marilyn, for your comment.
I also have friends who live in Kenya, and I am prayerfully ...more