I Could Have Danced All Night

Sets. Staging. Window dressing.The Great Oz was able to keep the population contained and controlled because the man behind the curtain could only be seen as a larger-than-life image on a massive screen. ...more

Thrill in the 'Ville

The Honorable Rep. Xavier Becerra, who serves as Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, along with “Obama For America” Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter hosted a VP Debate “Prebuttle” conference call Wednesday night with bloggers and set OFA’s tone for tomorrow night’s event. “Rope-a-Dope,” Becerra said more than once. It’s a fitting image for the current debating strategies of both presidential tickets this close to an election that is this close. ...more

The VP "Debate" (and I use the term loosely)

Cross-posted from my blog, South City Confidential So...the highly-anticipated VP debate.  We may never have another. I watched the debate with my lady friends eating an awesome dinner made by the lovely Kendal and drinking wine...lots of wine. Because when you set the ground rules that you drink every time Palin says "maverick", invokes Reagan, winks at the camera, mispronounced "nuclear", or dodges a question, you need lots of the vino. ...more