Have the Courage To Be Vulnerable

Given the focus of my work, especially in the past five years since the release of my book Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken, which is all about authenticity and vulnerability, I’m constantly in situations where I’m talking about, encouraging, and seeing the positive impact of vulnerability....more

Life's Easy... It's Dealing With Ourselves That's Hard

Mike Robbins ...more

Balancing Intimacy and Space In Relationships

In the wake of the renegotiation of my sacred contract with a friend, I had an epiphany. In my close relationships, I have two opposing desires:-the desire for intimacy and security-the desire for freedom and autonomy ...more
i loved this post.. exactly what i needed to read tonight :) it's so hard to know when there's ...more

The Vulnerability Of Exposing Your Dark Side

To expose our wounds to people we care about – the icky stuff, the ego stuff, the personal growth edges we’re working on that we haven’t yet mastered – is super vulnerable. Letting others see our “big ugly tails” (hat tip to my dear friend Amy Ahlers, who has seen my big ugly tail and trusted me enough to let me see hers) tends to trigger all our core fears of rejection and abandonment, of withdrawal of love....more

I'm Free: There's Nothing Left to Lose

And if I am being an imposter, or only a shadow of me, then the value that anyone places in me is erroneous, invalid and an applaud that is not mine. And maybe that is why life could feel so lonely sometimes… when we’re only second-handers. ...more

So, so true, Lauren. And it all starts with really embracing who you are.


My Friend has Parkinson's

My friend has Parkinson’s. I’ve known him since 1986 when he was working with a large multi-national company and traveling all over the world. He played regular tennis, loved to go for long walks and had a full social life. In ’90 he became the representative of an American company selling banking infrastructure. He worked hard and his success didn’t surprise anybody....more