Are you waiting?  Do you feel like you are in limbo?  Do you feel like something awesome is yet to come?I have often felt like I was waiting for something really awesome to happen.  Like Publishers Clearing House to show up at my door with a multi bazillion dollar check, and my life would be infinitely changed.  Or possibly waiting to be "discovered" (discovered, for what I have no idea)....more

Allow and accept...

"C-C-C-Cottey, beautiful Cottey, it's a school of which I'm sure you've heard before,If you get good grades, they send you to Paris!Oh, it's got everything, oh, everything, but ... men."...more

Hang in There: A Blog about Waiting to Adopt

I never thought of myself as an incredibly impatient person, but I am becoming one.  Everyone keeps telling me “hang in there…it will happen.”  When…when will it happen?...more

Waiting to Get Pregnant and the Reality of Infertility

The infertility community is watching the push-back over Jean Twenge's article in the Atlantic unfold with a whiff of amusement.  There's Margaret Wheeler Johnson from Huffington Post questioning whether the whole article was just a matter of giving women what they wanted to hear vs. the truth.  Or Amy Klein in the New York Times pointing out that getting pregnant isn't the same thing as giving birth.  And then there's us, the women who landed on the wrong side of that 82%, who are infertile and find these articles about how long you can wait pointless: you simply don't know if you will be in the 82% or the 18% until you start trying to conceive.  And what are you going to do if you find yourself with that infertility diagnosis where your age really does matter when it comes to success rates? ...more
Percentages and infertility are heat wrenching. I never thought that I would be infertile since ...more

A Promise to My Child: I Will Not Let the System Fail You

When I was a little girl, I used to think that having a baby meant getting pregnant, having a happy nine months of eating ice cream and taking pictures, and going to the hospital to you know… deliver the baby. Then I lived my teenage years. And my early twenties. I had personal experiences that led me to desire adopting children who need a family, and I began meeting people who did not have a traditional family either....more
Feel free to email me at harrisoncounseling@gmail.com if you would like to talk sometime! ...more

How to promote delayed gratification in children

Do you want one marshmallow now, or two in five minutes? That was the question Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel posed to several children back in 1972 in the now-famous marshmallow test that studied delayed gratification. He found that children who were able to forgo the instant reward of one marshmallow in lieu of waiting for two tended to enjoy greater success as adults. The question now is, how can we help encourage such delayed gratification with our own kids?...more

She Holds On

  (image by me, at age 16) She is overwhelmed.  Mixed and tossed with a jungle full of feelings and thoughts, water and oil, nothing mixing well. ...more
And yes, she holds on and someday  she would be able to stand tall and move forward ...more

A Polaroid Point of View

~Dedicated to my friends, H, S, & K~"Don't shake it!'  You've been told.  "Just wait."The image must develop.  The colors come together.  The lines sharpen.There is something beautiful about that moment when a huddle of onlookers gasp and ooh and aah when the Polaroid comes into its fully developed form.The waiting, although only a few minutes, can be painstaking when you're waiting to see the captured jaw-dropping expression on your shocked grandmother's face when she walked in to the room for a surprise party.[insert mental image HERE]Waiting....more


     Today I was asked to have a student I didn't know in my classroom all day for In School Suspension (ISS.)  The first hour went by and he didn't do anything.  I just watched to see if I should push him or leave him alone.  (I'm practicing when to hold on and when to let go.)  I decided to go over and ask him if he needed help.      He said, "No."      I asked him if he finished all the work they had sent already.  He said, "No." ...more

Plates and Soul Mates...

        The other night I saw an out of state plate but couldn't quite see where it was from.  I sped up for a gander but the truck went faster.  You should know I have a strong belief that God's will can be found on license plates.    I sped up again but the truck soared off into the distance.  "Figures" I said, rolling my eyes.  God's will...more