The Grinches I work for.

All I want for Christmas is my job!! I almost got fired over the holidays! Five days before Christmas this frequent customer to the restaurant I work for asked me for all the names...more

Lessons Learned While Waitressing: I Want My Kids to Know How to Take the Bus

We all did it as teenagers, and I first did it at the Home of the Big Biscuit. My friends and I worked when we were teenagers. Our parents didn't tell us we had to get jobs. We just did. We were fortunate to grow up in a town fueled by summer tourism. A wealth of hotels and restaurants catered to guests of the amusement park in my hometown, and my friends and I worked in them every summer and more. Damon's, Cinnfully Cinnamon, Baskin Robbins, Red Lobster, TGIFriday's. Our clothes, shoes, and hair reeked of the food served in our respective franchises. ...more
@Jennifer Lorenzetti Everyone who dines out should have experienced being "in the weeds." It ...more

Walking with Coffee

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     Back...more

To Make Her Smile

Tawny was rolling silverware when the two of them walked in.  Mother and daughter.  She'd watched their white Honda Civic circle the diner three times, looking for the door.  She rolled her eyes.            "Smile, Tawny," Sue Ann said.  "You get way better tips when you smile."            The mother tapped the point of her big, rainbow-striped umbrella on the floor as she and her daughter walked beside the row of booths.  They didn't sit ...more

My Top 6 Pies ... on Video

It's Friday night and I'm full of pie and feel like some mindless fun. Grab some popcorn (er, or pie) and settle in for my top six pie videos of all time ... 6 - Sweeney Todd, Worst Pies in London I'm not the world's biggest Sweeney fan but I do love this song. Here's Patti LuPone singing it on Broadway: ...more

Read your coffee grounds? One of the best skills I ever learned

I onced worked for an abusive boss as a waitress, but despite the fact that he treated us like crap, I did learn a few things.  I learned that people are the nastiest when the are dining out, that you cant yell at the cooks, even when they are wrong and stoned out of their gourd.  That for 70% of food prep workers, their social security number is F-R-M M-E X-I-C-O, and that you don't need to be a certified bar tender to mix cocktails.  I picked it up fairly quickly.  In the three months i worked there, I learned every wine we sold and its taste, and I learned to mix up anything from a ...more